Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


The bung just flies out and 47 puts it back in :slight_smile:


Propane tank gets my vote for most useful item in Ghost Mode. It’s a triple threat. Sorry, off topic…


there are people conversing at the terrace bar in Bangkok, they mention Fanin is Cobb’s successor and I think they specifically say he’s the director of a New York bank


Hitman: The Complete First Season is one of the Playstation Plus games of the month february:

So free if you’re a PS Plus member.


You can holster the Nne Machete like a Katana.


This also applies to sabers.


shooting the sapienza cannons works on bonus missions


Can we kill any targets with em? I am thinking Abiatti but I don’t think a cannon is aimed there.


we could lure targets there


That is very well and true but sadly time-consuming for me.


This wasn’t intended right? Maybe the disgue is based on the helicopter outfit from Hokkaido, which could explain why the logo is (still) there.


Sucks for me as I have both already. Another month of games I won’t touch. Might download steep if it’s still up.


Stripper who dances for Dom Osmond says she’s actually a guy…


You still have to load them, right?


no, just shooting it works even if theyre empty


Damn :flushed:
So much for that “Alabama Wildflower” he likes so much…



Actually, or used to be? Only one is a deal-breaker :joy:


Speaking of Absolution, what the hell does wade have in his mouth? Is that a human finger?!?

I could have sworn I read somewhere that he was into some pretty sick f’d up shit like cannibalism and necrophiliac :nauseated_face::nauseated_face::nauseated_face:

Was this ever truly confirmed in his character or just speculation among fans?


It’s the bone of a chicken wing.


That’s what I was hoping lol but damn, it does resemble a finger a little bit lol wasn’t sure, Wade really was a sick bastard.

One more thing, since we’re talking about Absolution. In the Shaving Lenny Missions, if you go up the stairs to where Tyler goes inside the grocery store. On the dry erase board that’s displayed with their plan “Operation Mountain Lion” the picture of Victoria on it has a text below it that reads “I’d Do Her!” Considering her age and the ages that range between the targets (one of them had to of written it) it’s pretty gross…