Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


Brah, don’t put me off my chicken wings :joy:


Brah, DON’T put me off my chicken wings!


Haha I should have said “since I’m on the subject of Absolution…” :sweat_smile:

But yeah, don’t wanna gross you out, I love chicken too :poultry_leg:


Pay forever if you’re a PS Plus member you mean. :wink:


Why does he turn on the radio?


According to the parking ticket of the fake Flamingo guy, the Global Innovation Race - so the Finish Line in the Hitman’s chronology - took place on July the 16th of 2018.


…Which is kinda weird cause I thought Season 1 took place in 2019.


Season 1 is indeed in 2019. Season 2 is still in 2019 afaik


Maybe he preordered his parking spot.

Or he is there since then. I mean 120$ are quite much for parking just a day right?


Maybe that’s supposed to be the date he got the actual ticket? Don’t know why he’d have it on him still though lol but yeah, that’s odd


Just the wrong number at the very end, nothing more than that I would say.


On the side of Sieger 300 Ghost it actually says Sieger 300 Avanced.
Edit:It also says Sieger 300 Avanced on a regular Sieger 300.
Edit 2: And on the side of Sieger 300 Tactical


On the topic of dates - according to his sport watch, it’s always 18th of August for 47. (I’m not familiar with the world of watches, but wouldn’t be 47 more likely to use DD/MM date format?)


Bro, you’re opening a can of fucking worms with that one :joy:. Can only speak for the Brits, who go for DD/MM, in opposed to the US way.


As an American, no can of worms here. We do it a stupid way.

As 47 was brought up in Romania (not to mention devs are from Denmark), he’s gotta be using DD/MM


Well, most of the world uses DD/MM, and since he travels all over, it would seem more practical to use that format. And to my knowledge, US military prefers that format as well? (I’m asking, dunno.) But it will be probably something stupidly simple, like the watch are just american brand and he can’t customize it :smile:



My two cents… (or four cents)
Parking ticket price: No, $120 is not a lot to pay to park for a premium event like a race in one of the worlds most expensive cities. Chicago Cubs parking is usually around $40 for just a few hours and Chicago is not as expensive as Miami and that race appears to be a once a year type thing while there are 81 home Cubs games each year.

Date on parking ticket: 47 is timeless. IO have made that clear. So now it’s current time, but 47 can’t get old ala James Bond.

Date format in general: yes us yankees should really join the rest of the world. Actually we should join the rest of the world with everything like. I do rather like miles. Maybe we could go to metric but still use miles and everyone would know it’s 16:10 miles to clicks? But since we don’t do it that way, I have always thought the least confusing way to write a date is 1 Feb 2019 or 17 Jun ‘86. I believe in Russia it used to be somewhat standard to write the month with a Roman numeral to avoid any confusion. 1 II 2019 or 17 VI 2019. That works too.


Thats probably when the expansion comes out.


Also it says white Avance when it’s actually green. Though I think it’s not the Avance, isn’t that 47’s van model? (It has that bulky roof).


Nope, you can take Legacy Pack from H2 so even your Plus membership is ended you can play it from H2, also you will have enhanced H2016.

At least it worked for Xbox Gamepass