Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


You can snipe Dawood here from the Crow’s building which’ll net you unnoticed kill + body hidden :smiley: (make sure to distract his guards with a bullet distraction first!)

Vanya can be sniped from here by which she’ll land in the foliage behind her. Unnoticed + never discovered!

Then the train will freeze on its spot. :joy:

Maelstrom can be sniped from the hills after summoning the flag. There’s foliage behind him, shoot a bullet near it then distract the elite thug by the stairs

You can also shoot him here if you’re going for a no ko run :smiley:

All of these kills will get you SA!


You can also shoot at Dawoods leg with a slienced handgun while he’s threatning the mole. He will drop down to the cement


Kinda hard to tell exactly what locations you and the targets are at, but great find dude!


Thank you! I’ll upload a video :smiley: Did one on Miami too if you’re interested!

Basically snipe Sierra by the half open translucent(?) gate and Robert when he hangs out in the balcony by distracting his guard!


Here is the video!


For the 5th Elusive Target in Hitman S1 “The Gunrunner” the client was Kronstadt Industries :open_mouth:

IO never seizes to amaze me!


Whaaa! That is just so cool :smiley: thanks for finding that


I know! And no problem, I actually found it unintentionally lol I was just watching random S1 ET briefing videos just because and found it. It just amazes me how IO thinks SO FAR ahead. Just brilliant!


Wow!! Another one “The Bookkeeper” One of his clients was the Delgado’s!!
As well as The Ekwensi’s (previous Elusive Targets in S1)


My first name is Carlton


IOI have discounted the GOTY Upgrade Packs for Season 1 (even the Intro Pack upgrades) for the entirety of the PS Plus month so that they cost the same as the GOTY Legacy Upgrade in HITMAN 2 (which is half the price of the OG GOTY pack).

That’s a cool move. People can upgrade their season 1 at the same price they can do it in Season 2.


Wasn’t the staircase always right in front of the entrance - and not tilted to the right? like in the picture I’m so confused.


Apparently not, I felt that too when i started to notice it :smile:

Screenhot from old vid:


What bothers me more is that nasty green-ish filter they added instead of the classic look (you know, how it looked like at the original release) :confounded:


I have only played sapi 2 time and i got HITMAN [2] back in november so yea I realy dont like it. The same for Colorado ever sence it got all pink/red :disappointed_relieved:

So yea I agree.


Dmitri Federov is litterly a custom copy paste of regular guard

image image



And that is an oxymoron.


He saw him in Paris and decided to get cosmetic surgery like Jason Portman. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


He also looks like Igor Kubasko from Silent Assassin


The screenshots in the store for this mission also show a whole different target, a chinese man. It feels so rushed, sadly.