Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


Lol wtf this is the first time I see this picture

How could this happen?

#4079 seems Dmitri took his place


Sapienza/ Landslide
I just noticed these two sitting there, reminded me of Debra Morgan and Frank Lundy from Dexter.
What tragic story.


Words can’t describe how much I hate Sapienza’s sky and lighting in HITMAN 2.I can’t believe IO didn’t do anything about it


Recently I found in Blood Money that if you place a mine in the DNA case in House of Cards without killing Schmutz, the meeting between him and the Sheikh actually meet up and you can blow both of them up.

All this time, I never realized they actually could meet.I always usually killed him and the scientist and save the Sheikh for last.


In stuff that only can be found in console by someone with a weird obsession in checking how 47 likes the stitching of his clothes, turns out IO never removed the full blood stain of the Absolution Suit. :bear::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Woah, that’s cool! I never thought of that. But damn… I freaking LOVE Dexter :syringe:

I wonder if the placing of those NPC’s were intentional to be a nod towards the show.
Looks too accurate to be coincidental.


Nice to have you back!

Especially if you look at the positioning of their legs…
The mood of the level fits to them as well.


Thanks bro!

Yeah I know it just way too accurate lol I can’t remember, but did the male NPC have his pants rolled up like Lundy did, or no?

If not, still… it’s still pretty damn accurate haha


I’ll check it tomorrow! Even if not, it’s just too perfect.
The ending of Dexter was so sad, I really miss the show.


Yeah I know, poor Deb… :cry: Dexter should have just killed Saxton when he had the chance…

I heard a while back (could just be rumors) but I heard Dexter might return. Apparently Michael C Hall (Dexter) said it’s “too soon” still.

But if it does come back I wonder how it will start up again…


This is how I did my very first run actually, but you kill a guard so no SA. Plus you don’t get the bonus briefcase


I’ve always seen it like this, for a potential continuation: After some time has passed, we learn two things: Dexter has resumed killing, and Batista long ago began to search the country based on the missing escape raft and the lack of a body from the boat “accident”. His primary motivation bring to avenge LaGuerta, after seeing Dexter kill the final big bad with the pen he knew that there was more to him than he ever knew.

Eventually, after getting information from Quinn about the Barrel Girl killings and then connecting that to BHB and realizing that LaGuerta WAS right, they identify a pattern of dissapearences in Dexter’s new state. Batista, Quinn and maybe someone new head out to catch the elusive butcher, and then our characters are together again. Forget Hannah and Harrison, that arc should stay dead. I only wish Deb was still alive…


But what about Masuka?


Well Masuka isn’t an investigator so unfortunately I don’t see a role for him, maybe they can bring him on as their forensics expert if local authorities won’t cooperate.


True, but it is fun to blow them both up.

Also, the DNA suitcase is the one that gets blown up in this case. Not the payment one.


Been a while since I’ve played, so the payment case stays in the third target’s room? (If you haven’t killed him already)

Edit: Nevermind, I remember how it goes down now


In Whittleton Creek, the guard with the red shirt and white pants actually has lady shoes. Look at the heels!

I guess thats why his pants clip into his shoes.


Never paid enough attention to the Sgàil’s monitoring room to notice, that it has another nod to Indiana Jones.

Also, just out of curiosity - anyone able to read what’s on Sato’s rings?


I remember there’s a chinese speedrunner, he might be read it I guess.