Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


Sato is Japanese. Maybe @White-Half can help. :slightly_smiling_face:


The left picture:
The first word on his middle(?) finger is the word “狂” usually means “crazy” or “wild”
The little finger one from left to right are “兇” “囚” “黑”
“兇” usually means “mean” or “bad”
“囚” usually means "prisoner " or “lock someone up”
“黑” means black

and the final word on the right picture is “笨” just means "stupid "

and I think this is traditional Chinese character than Japanese Kanji
because we write “black” in 黑,while Japanese will write in 黒
BTW I am Taiwanese :slight_smile:


Interesting, thank you! Not really wiser from it :laughing: Thought it’s going it be either some inspirational nonsense or joke, something like “my boss stinks”. Looks like it’s neither.


Oh It actually means “help I am being held in a Chinese fortune cookie factory”


To be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s not Japanese. After all, The Undying is listed as a former MI5 agent. If this is a nod to Sean Bean’s role as Alec Trevelyan, then he should be an MI6 (SIS) agent. It would also fit with his character, as MI5 is predominately domestic, not international. Having said that, I think that the IOI team do put in a lot of effort to properly research things. It could be my imagination, but I thought that I read somewhere that they visited India for the Mumbai map.


THAT is Sebastian Sato, fashion designer and corture designer of Sanguine.


If the Kashmirian spots 47 performing his kill on Rangan at the lounge, he becomes very upset and suspicious. His meticulous plan, his ambitions with the gang, ruined. Contrite, he decides to catch the bus, imagining who can be greater than him…


WOAH amazing find dude!!


The dude can’t even adjust his sight properly. :joy:


I don’t know if this has been discovered yet, but if you use ansel on the sniper assassin map, and turn around, you can see behind 47 and spot this npc sitting in the begging pose. I have no idea why he is there, any ideas?


Well what did you think was supposed to come out that wedding cake? Oh wait no I am thinking of a bachelorette party. Never mind.


The AI has clearly become sentient. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


That’s the helicopter pilot. NPCs that are about to appear on the map, are meanwhile stashed outside of it like that till they do.


OH! That’s right, a good point.


And I know it’s quite hard for them to accept outta some “Reasons”, I totally understand, but we are just talking about facts, no hard feelings my man.


I’m not Chinese, and I don’t have a list of (very impressive) credentials…

But I do recognise Taiwan as an independent nation. Welcome to the party! :tada:


A Modest Proposal


Uhhhh what’s happening? Is it something about Taiwan is China thing again? Well as for a Taiwanese for me, Taiwan definitely is not a part of China. That’s a fact :slight_smile:


you can’t read the Maelstrom’s bio on the mission planning screen, I’m sure everybody knows that by now. however, once you’ve identified or killed him in your current mission, you can see his target photo and bio in the pause menu


The same could be said for Alma Reynald after completing the 1st objective.