Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


Well, I just found out something about Hitman. Not the actual game, but rather a “Hitman Related” product.

So thought I’d share…
@badeaguard I know that you have this same exact Hitman Beanie. Did you ever notice the tag inside? (15% hahaha) should have been 47% but still damn cool.

I had this beanie for a while now and just noticed it today after I took it off lol


That is so beautiful!!


I know! lol amazing. Not only do they have an eye for detail in their games, but in there other products too!

Like I said, I had this beanie for a very long time now. I can’t believe I just noticed it today :sweat_smile:

@H_I_T_M_A_N_Statue_F here is a link to the Beanie in case you’re interested. (You can find it on Ebay and Amazon as well :slightly_smiling_face:)


Yup… noticed that long ago already.

To the Iago Dossier Thread!!


hahahaha I notice that the first day I got it :yum: It’s very warm during the winter. I evens tart running with it. The logo gives me extra power.


I know exactly what you mean, brother! Haha I fee it too when I wear it!


Janus’ funeral outfit in Sgail (as well as the councillors, his heirs) has two faces because, according to the mythology, Saturn (aka Cronos), who was expelled from heaven, was greeted by Janus in his kingdom and granted him by recognition a gift of prudence which allowed Janus to be fully aware of the past and the future.


A lot of good that does him now :joy:


I just found out that Mikhail who gives information to the Constant has also been in contact with Yuki in Hokkaido.I didn’t notice this paticular dialogue when I played H1 last year so I wonder if they just added the name afterwards to expand the lore…

I think it’s inevitable that 47 meets Mikhail , either in the expansion packs or in H3 before moving to the 3 Partners families!!!


I unlocked the RFID bomb a little while ago and have been playing it ever since.

I thought the bomb part was like any other device and it would be unarmed when the guard picks it up, but that’s not the case. Got a pleasant surprise when a guard found the bomb section I had hidden and walked it right past the target who already had the coin section.

So right now I am trying to use this to it’s full potential seeing if I can get NPC’s to pick up and carry different sections of the bomb to each other. Using alarms and other means to get them to drop the bomb part at desired locations etc. Need to get around to testing out how it works with the suitcase.

My problem is the blast radius when I want to kill more than two people. I want to use it in ways that a proxy and remote bomb can’t be. Somewhere in between set it and forget it and set it and pull the trigger.
Also looking to use it like a grenade.


Another neat thing of the RFID explosive is that it won’t explode with a breaching charge, so you can use that to send the explosive across the map.




Making a explosive fly large distances is quite useful.


@Urben would be quite happy to know that

I still need to experiment this it more


I saw it too on accident. The heli flies around the mountain so it will start there


I already spoke with him about this fact, I surely make use of it. :slight_smile: Though the BC is the most powerful thing to accelerate something, it seems like the item despawns before falling down again. But in interiors or with less powerful explosives there surely are nice ways to use it.


Sweet Christ I want us to go to Russia to kill this fuck. Kremlin or bust, come on ioi!


Is this a different Mikhail? There was a Mikhail Bardachenko in Silent Assassin and a Mikhail Belicoff in the film.


It looks more like a machete than a baton, maybe there’s an EE involving the Nna Obara machete or there’s a machete somewhere hidden in Whittleton Creek? I’ve felt like there’s an EE regarding the statue as well since you can read the plaque under it, but I haven’t seen anywhere else where that seems to be mentioned.


Never knew, never thought about it.
Doesn’t feel right killing him though.