Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


In C47 you have to rescue him, it’s one of the mission objectives. In Contracts you could even shoot him, but game doesn’t care. However Smith appears after that in Asylum, H2SA, BM, so that was flashback shit and is not canon.


That would be true they most likely wanted to have David play either him or wade but David die under embarrassing circumstances in (doubly) ironically… a Bangkok hotel


You’re right, what I read was a bit misleading. It said that he was originally planned to voice Blake Dexter.


Apparently this fall doesn’t kill a decrepit old man. :thinking:


Yeah fall damage is negated in some places right? Also he survived Stalinist Russia, defection to America and secretly ran the world for a few decades. He is not dying from a little fall.


Very rarely and not very consistently if I’m not mistaken.
To be honest I was half way to one of the exit points when I realized no exit points were unlocked and doubled back to find this.


Still he was Lubyanka’s top agent, ran two secret societies one of which still runs the world and successfully defected to America. It is said he killed a Brown Bear with a crossbow, a teeny tiny fall like that? Nah he wont die.:joy:


Or just scare her with a bullet and shoot her down the lift when in 47’s room?!!!


Janus be like…


Oh waw thanks for the link there :smiley: now I am really tempted to get one!


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Wow. I’m glad they didn’t keep that design!


Figured why does the Winter Sports Suit clips so much. Those are not his arms. Again! Goddamit. Training turtleneck with his original arms vs. its sport suit reskin with someone else’s thinner, hairier arms:

Honestly, i don’t get it, why doesn’t he have one constant body model in H2, not even for his own starting outfits, instead of doing this weird frankenstein-y body parts switcheroo with other NPCs limbs. Seems like that would be more work that just having one original permanent form. Why and how… I need to find some reason for this mismatched madness.


Reusing assets to save memory space. 47 in a disguise is just an NPC model with 47’s head plastered on.
So for unique starting disguise there actually might be (or might have been plans to put) an NPC with same, albeit unstealable, clothes somewhere in game.


I don’t think that really explains it (or i don’t understand what you mean). In H2016/Legacy, he has his own unique arms together with the starting outfits (e. g. Italian outfit or black turtleneck), while in H2, he doesn’t even have his own hands with the Signature suit. In H2, he has different unique set of arms with location specific outfits tho, but they are different from the Signature one and other pickable suits.

Like, his unique model of arms already exists and is used here and there, so why not just copy-paste it across all other starting outfits, instead of him having bunch of different ones, that don’t match his face skintone. He’s a goddamn protagonist, he should have his own arms.


Pro, all these 47 body parts’ models and textures are within’ the game, they can just copy and paste


Oh my god! :muscle::joy: I don’t know why this made me laugh so much… but it did!


You can’t shoot her from there as there’s no ledge behind her to hide her body with the sniper bullet (there’s a ledge but it’s very far away, a Drahuzina or Lancer can’t take her till there) Also I’m not sure you can get sniper assassin by shooting the lift when she’s escaping


I will make a video rn because thats how
I speedrun


It’s still processing but here you go