Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


The yacht in the training mission is actually made by the IKEA like company from the Hitman universe. Found in the game files, is it ingame too?


A boat company that should spell its name Yacob not Yähkob


So in each case you had to knock out the painter? Then you want him dead by the time he wakes up to get the horse racing 47 EE? Also, who wakes him up? I thought only guards wake up other guards?


My Dear Lord Shaw,

Have you news on the fate of the Lady Boyle?

Reports from the guard put a man dressed as Corvo the outlaw at the party, skulking about in close proximity to the lady… Could it be that he pulled a fast one on us?

Please reply to this missive most urgently, lest our conspiracy be undone!

Yours in confidence,
Lord Regent Burrows


Guards will wake up anyone they find unconscious.


It is in the game :slight_smile:


If you hide her and the guard he’ll first say ‘there was supposed to be a guard here’ then he’ll search for Neha all around the house while saying he’s here(lot of different lines). Ultimately just calls the gang to open access to the hill and goes away without saying anything lol


I hope they didn’t get that guy from the Swedish Embassy to help out, he sucks at putting together ICEA products.


If you set up the Kashmiri kill on Dawood with the paint tube, the painter calls the guard after Dawood’s been shot and says ‘I think an accident just happened! It’s sure to leave a mental image in my brain!’ or something like that :joy: OK so if Kashmirian, a complete n00b in assassination business does a sniping kill it’s called an accident, and when 47, the polar opposite of Kasmirian does the same everyone knows where he is instantly?! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I think it’s more so that since we’re not behind it, it doesn’t matter if they know it happened, since it will never come back to 47.

also for gameplay purposes ofc


Hey @Urben is it possible for you to find the ikea manual for the one in the swedish consulate (the guy who is building a chair)?


I think this is not in the file I browse through atm. You can (if you are a PC player) use @Notex guide how to access the textures:


Okay thanks im on ps4 so I guess I’ll take a screenshot.


Yeah, guards wake him up. For first dialogue, i just knocked him out and let him be found. When killing Rangan, i knocked him out, moved his body out of the sight, did a painter opportunity and when Rangan was dead, i moved the painter back into the room, so when they woke him up, he would see Rangan. Or you can just use Kashmirian opportunity, with giving the painter his paint tube.


Dear High Overseer Campbell,
be assured that i would love to help you in your efforts to capture this vile Corvo person, but i’m afraid i will not be much of a use. I woke up in the Boyle’s garden with a massive headache, covered in vomit and with no recollection of events, that led to it. Thursday, i call it.


Shall we gather for bourbon and cigarettes after the dogfights?:upside_down_face:


Curse you, Shaw!

I should’ve known that your feud with the Pendleton runt could only lead to the undoing of our conspiracy!

I shall have to fortify the Tower and put the Tallboys on high alert, but mark my words, if you do not die in some duel one of these days, I will have you branded and cast aside like Campbell!

Lord Regent Burrows

(quietly retcons initial post to gloss over the temporal continuity error)


Indeed, I think so!

How old did you say your sister was? :sunglasses:


Hey, I’ve been playing Absolution again. and in the Convenience store level when you are in the store and use someone as a human shield a music easter egg plays. (Spoiler Alert) It’s the music that plays in the store just louder.


Update on Pc. A few mb, maybe prep for the ET Suit?