Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


If it’s steam check that steam database and see if you see anything suspicious :wink:


I dont know how to do that


if they updated the packages then they added something new that hasn’t been released yet.


@Urben its in the Storage Area of Kalvin Ritters Yacht, on the Table next to the 3 Workers.


Check the bottom


Get back Jojo! Did you find the DLC data?


I dont know how to find such thing, but I believe the patch will come soon and includes the ET Hawkesbay Suit.



I know I was referencing The Beatles

Of course! Damn it! I knew I would lose. Oh well I will wait anything can happen in the meantime


Hey bobo,
Nice find! But “Hotfix” sounds like something small.


Yeah Travis posted that a bit above you.
I never looked at that table. It was the first enforcer I met and I made damn sure to mind my own business.


I don’t think that this has been mentioned here before, so apologies if it has, but you can now perform lethal throws on unconscious bodies.


Which is super helpful bc, comicly, you cant stab them. We could stab them back in H2SA and maybe even C47. Just crouch and stab


back in the days when we could attack the air all we wanted


47’s throw animation in BM is so overdone and rediculous. Its amazing to say the least😂


There is a sausage hidden behind the vet’s place in A New Life (Blood Money). You can put sedative in it and knock out Vinne’s dog that way, much like in the porn mansion level.

You can see it in this video:


Did you know that a leaking propane tank and a car battery creates an explosion


I love when people find BM things years later. I knew about the sausage but I remember it was years after I had first played the game when I realised you could go climb onto the top of the mansion in Better Watch Out to shoot the target on his balcony.


Funny, I am playing Blood Money - Enhanced Collection for the first time and am currently in “Better Watch Out”. There is also this little dog, and I was surprised that the sausages did not distract him enough. Until I realized that you can poison the sausage before, it took a while…


Yep it’s just some simple hot fixes. They’ve added the pool into the map in Hawke’s Bay and they’ve done some other small fixes which I won’t go into detail about.


I was curious about the bit that says “Sniper Map 2”, but then i don’t know what I’m actually looking at.