Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


what does this mean?


Credit to @mkoch227 for the image (I was too lazy to screenshot the changes myself)

Left = Old
Right = New


I found 2 more “prelaunch” ets


Yeah, since replaying Blood Money I’ve discovered a couple of new things, like how you can get into Delgado’s vineyard without a disguise if you follow the tour guide. Seems like the most obvious thing ever, but I never knew about it before…


You’ll laugh at this one. My first playthroug I walked by a CCTV camera just as the photographer at the vineyard party took my picture. He was pointed at me and his flash went off just before I got the recorded mssg. So I didn’t realise it was CCTV. I thought I had to somehow coerce the photo man to destroy his camera or else I could do it for him. I spent like 30 min trying to figure it out before just restarting and then I quickly realised it was the CCTV and that being in some random photo doesn’t matter.


Haha, had a similar experience :slight_smile: First game you could be recorded, first mission where it was an issue and they put a cameraman in it. Kind of disappointed non-cctv footage were never a thing ever since.


If we are talking about Vintage Year: do you know there is old man in Hawaiian shirt, who first speaks to Rax Stanton, then to Manuel (with animation from Bjarkov-Fabian/47 meeting), then Manuel leads him to the drug lab and the man stays here, tasting cocaine? It is Jorge Franco from Three-Headed Serpent.


I didn’t know or didn’t remember that. Photo please!


Speaking of this, I always expect the same thing in The Showstopper, if you start at the generic location and run in front of the cameraman, they’ll even cut because you ruined the take. Would be awesome if doing that would result in you having to remove the tape from his camera.


There he is, on the right, speaking with Raz Stanton (blonde man with red shirt and jacket).
Sorry for bad pic - get it in Internet, but you can always launch BM and see all those things yourself.


Yep! Or that one guy taking photos of the girl ? You know the one bc IO changed the flash to look like a bomb went off (just by the main entrance and then they move around during the mission). It’s a slippery slope though. In today’s world it’s impossible to not get photographed somewhere. I’m sure even the worlds most elusive assassins are in the background of some tourists selfie somewhere.


Isn’t that guy mentioned in the briefing as well? He’s Stanton’s manager I think.




So the other day I found out I’m the star of the main photo/front page of a bar I’ve been to on Google Maps.


Holy crap, great find, mate! That’s insane.


are you sure the guy with the ponytail isn’t Rex Stanton? i found this back in December but i was told i was incorrect

i have been informed that Emil was incorrect. ive been living my life thinking i was wrong this whole time


We need a front facing image of Jorge



there are few similarities, but nothing definite tbh


Shall we petition the king for answers?


That old ponytail guy from BM is not Franco. He is Stanton’s personal agent and is there to secretly make a deal with the Delgados to get some coke for Rex, that’s why he follows Delgado Jr to the basement.

And the blond guy he talks to at the beginning is Stanton himself. IIRC if you stick around you can actually hear them discussing the meeting or something like that