Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


@Pollisya_Hotel, Why did you claim that he is?

I need answers, NOW!


Insightful commentary on the state of our oceans or just a misplaced asset? :thinking::thinking:


All drains lead to the ocean kid.


I know what a metaphor is and I also know what glitches are. I mean why is that sign there? It isn’t even from the same level.


Laugh my arse off, toilet, Jesus…


It’s a bot. Look at its other posts

@Jarbinger these two are bots


Part 1: The Glitch

(Sniping off-map NPC models)

Part 2: The Fix

(Adding a wall and a 2D jungle)


@BernardoOne @Notex


Another thing I found while playing Blood Money. If you keep distracting guards by turning the lights off and they notice it, they’ll say something like “I’m getting a little tired of this, buddy” and if you do it enough times they turn hostile and start shooting you… as you do


that’s hilarious :^) i wonder if we can find the exact same “fake jungle” prop anywhere else


Lmao is that wall new


Yes. The wall is there so you can no longer shoot Sierra while her car is racing around the track. I wonder if it’s still possible to kill her by launching an explosive over there. It’s probably too far away.


That wall was built when update 2.12


So, it seems the idea of 47 not wearing gloves with his Signature Suit is old as dirt. I found some stock images of what seems to be the Alpha of Contracts and there are some where he is with naked hands.


I didn’t know that :wink:


Who recognizes this music?


video unavailable :frowning_face:


Weird, seems to be the artist’s channel. Can’t find another video on YT, you might use a proxy for it.

If all fails, this music is played in Hokkaido’s restaurant. Though this one contains more instruments.

@Travis_IOI it might interest you that the company behind this (INgrooves, Memory No. 36 Recordings) is triggering YouTube’s Content ID which forces a video of mine being monetized by them. (I think, I wouldn’t know with ad blockers)


That music in the restaurant sounds like 春江花月夜, a classic Chinese music.


So you know about the random exploding canister in Whittleton, the one in the shed?

Turns out cigarretes have a random chance of igniting a non-leaking canister. The one in the shed explodes because the guard smokes right next to the wall.


That’s probably what is triggering “Door unlocked” then and people are mistaking it for an easter egg.