Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


I just found Jason Portman from Hokkaido in Isle of Sgail.


Yep! He has Botox on him too.


In Legacy Bangkok, got caught Trespassing by Security Guard in the Security Recording room.

Guard: “You can’t be here, sir! Follow me.”
Guard: “… that’s it… keep walking.”

47 Quickly Changes into the Free Guard Disguise in the Corner.

Guard: “I said you should keep following…”

Sees 47-as-Guard

Guard: “Where did he go?”
Guard: “Hey buddy… did you see someone just now? A trespasser? No? Hmmm…”

Exit Symbol disappears and Guard leaves the Security Recording room leaving 47 inside.


I was reading the end of year issue of Gameinformer and HITMAN 2 was one its top 50 games of the year. Also IO’s independence was a “success” (that is to say a positive highlight for the industry), 8th in their top 10 developers and the real estate showing from WC was in their top 10 gaming moments and several editors put HITMAN 2 in their top 10 games.


The revolutionary’s camera can record you


Still in Bangkok cause I’m helping my bro get through The Complete First Season on PS+.

Right at the start of the NPC routines, Dexy will inform Jordan’s bodyguards to let no one through “no matter if they’re hotel staff, or security, or even if they’re pregnant!”

Shortly after, one of the Bangkok hotel guards will attempt to trespass but will be turned away by Jordan Cross’ guards.

Also heard Ken Morgan talking to a certain Mr. West about covering up a deadly hit-and-run incident. I had never heard that one before.


I wonder if Mrs Bellows attended the GIR, considering that she holds this.


Her hair is a little strange :thinking:


Has to be a glitch related to either the Tank, the Garden Shed, or maybe the cop is smoking a different type of cigarette?


Is just that the fire of the cigarette goes through the wall eventually.
Cigarettes being able explode unnopened canisters is a general bug that works everywhere with everyone that smokes. I’ve tested it on many NPCs in many maps. It can take a shitload of time but it does happen.


We found out in the previous game that the Big One could explode undamaged FEs. I bet that is related. Who knows, maybe cigs did that back then too. We only know about this because a single NPC is smoking for hours next to a propane flask. That was not the case in H2016, so we had no chance to randomly find that out without looking for it.


I recall The Big One’s flame ignition potential relied on the direction though right? You had to be familiar with its bounce to burn through canisters and it didn’t take long.

It’s how I killed The Chef ET.


Decided to mess around on OG Hitman 2 using cheats and found through the gravity cheat in “The Jacuzzi Job” the devs actually gave Charlie a dick.



Super encouraging to read this kind of post, and really hope it feels like a feather in the cap for IOI after what must’ve been a tricky year/couple of years. My only hope is that they keep doing what they’re doing, and that’s coming from a relative newcomer to the series.

There’s something rather particular and striking about Hitman that I’ve come to enjoy, in that it’s a rather interesting (and, in my experience a) first instance of a single player game-as-a-service: there are frequent free content drops/updates/etc. that keep the game alive in interesting ways, not to mention how the 2016 campaign has been seamlessly integrated into Hitman 2, and how this content remains relevant even during the half-life of Hitman 2.

I’m sure that Ghost Mode and Sniper Assassin also help a lot with this, but Contracts may be one of the big reasons, as it adds infinite replayability that can be super rewarding for veterans who have mastered all the levels.

To conclude (TL;DR): so happy to read this and hope that it only encourages IOI to stay relevant and continue down this road in order to keep Hitman 2 alive until its next iteration!


I remember playing that level using the gravity cheat so much, laughing my ass off as his fat ass slowly levitated out of the jacuzzi.



In Bangkok, if you kill Ken Morgan’s Bodyguard Otis with the hatchet, while disguised as the exterminator, Ken Morgan will go meet Jordan Cross and they F***ing MAKE OUT???




What?! Post some screenshots, mate!


Dude I was just joking lol :joy:


Darn!:flushed: You got me, mate.