Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


That was my intended goal lol sorry bro, just wanted to see what people would say haha


Hey man, I like you a lot, you got Twitter? E-mail maybe?


Is this Hector powerboat, named ‘Martinez’ ?


Considering Hector is in place, it fully might be


The exact same boat is parked in Delgado’s mension in Santa Fortuna, isn’t it? Right next to the mansion boat exit.


So found out that if you in bangkok gas everyone in the big room as the exterminator the butterflies will also go to sleep :smiling_imp:


Pretty sure the butterflies die )=


I thought about it too, but I never paid attention to those boats :slight_smile:


Haha well haven’t seen guards waking any butterflies up, so ye probably dead :neutral_face:


Confirmed! It is the same boat, very likely belongs to Hector.

One thing bothers me though, is that if you really want to name your vehicle after a woman you love, wouldn’t it be better and logical if you use the first name rather than her surname? Or maybe the boat was previously owned by Andrea’s parents?

Edit: just a minor grammar fix.


“Ok. Imagine this: The Mr. Bowmont” © Friends S6E24 :slight_smile:

Yeah, I know, there was “The Pam” before, but still it’s funny :slight_smile:


But Joey, you don’t have 20 thousand dollars… :joy:

Okay, I got the joke. Andrea won’t like it.


Men in love do crazy shits all the time. Never mind.


Ha, sure! Especially for a passionate love novelist like Hector.


In the Sniper Assassin mode now the reticle changes depending of the kind of ammo you are using.

Body Piercing.

Titanium (Wall Piercing) Ammo.

Shockwave Ammo, wich impact also appears to be louder so it can make the crowd NPCs go into alert mode quite easily.


thats pretty neat. I wonder if any weapon scopes actually work that way? I’m sure it’s possible if a computer is involved, but it would mean the recticls is projected onto the glass or even that what you see is a screen of some sort.


Dunno if it can a real thing (and practical) in these times but sure that would be neat. At least as a gameplay mechanic it’s a big help if you don’t play with the HUD on.


Guard: “ok ok… get up now… Did you see who did this, Mr. Butterfly?” :stuck_out_tongue:


While doing the Gut Feeling challange, the Constant was throwing up and I wanted to shoot him in the leg and then knock him out for the fun of it and while doing so, he said: “Soders is why I’m getting shot”, in a bit of a panicky way. Never heard that one before. Funny to hear that connection lol.


I was replaying Mumbai and constantly restarting the mission, when I noticed that the taxi numbers change every time you start the mission (the 6 digit “serial” number on the side of each taxi). I didn’t bother seeing if there was any correlation or significance to this, but I thought it was interesting. It feels like there’s a reason for it, since doing this would be completely unnecessary to the gameplay.