Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


Same goes for almost every license plate on every car in the game :stuck_out_tongue:


The voice of Pamela Kingsley in Hitman (GNN News Reporter) also did the voices for the following

This is her…



Can’t fucking believe I’m the one who has to say it, 9 hours later :joy:


How does this work?

47 takes a poison leopard frog adds it to an apple on a plate and it kills Janus in Whittleton Creek. The animation is the same as adding lethal pills onto the apple.

Sodium channel blockers and neurotoxins such as tetrodotoxin is secreted by bacteria, which embeds into the frog skin. Are we rubbing the live poison frogs over the apple ??? The tetrodotoxin is not stable in dead frogs. You need quite a few live frogs to do this, and it would tricky to hide a satchel of live frogs under 47’s jacket.

Alternatively – Are we grinding up the live poison frogs, isolating the toxin protein by high pressure liquid chromatography, lyophilizing the toxin peak with stabilizer forming the toxin into pills, then resuspending the toxin, loading it into a lethal syringe and injecting the TTX protein into the apple.

Anyone know. Just curious.


You read into that way too much


i like to close my eyes and imagine 47 squeezing the frogs to get the poison out and onto the food/drink


Sounds like a great pun to me!


We are smuggling the frogs in the snowball that never melts in 47s pockets.


Pretty sure 47 unofficially extracts the poison from whatever he grabs.
I’ve noticed this while in Santa Fortuna. Whenever 47 is holding one of the poisonous plants, even though the inventory has the image of a plant if you look closely at his hand it looks like he’s carrying a tiny green bottle.


Really?? I’ve never taken notice to this :open_mouth: Have a screenshot? I’m gonna be away from my PS4 for a while.


Poisons seem to have all slightly different bottles. No screenshot but the same is the case with poisonous frogs.


I don’t know if it came with the update, guys, or if we just didn’t notice before, but when 47 grabs a frog, he leaves it’s body behind. I noticed it the other day doing the Shaman challenges. The front is laying there looking like it went splat. So 47 is grabbing the frog and either squeezing it’s innards into a vial he has handy, or he’s actually pulling out it’s poison disbursing organ and adding that to food and drink like a pill.

Makes you wonder how he does that when wearing no gloves and doesn’t poison himself. 47 is designed better than a normal human, but he’s still human, and those frogs could kill several people with a few drops. Makes the gloves more important to maintain the illusion of realism.


Someone on reddit took a pic of them a while ago:

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I love the names… stupid in a genius way.


Yup. Same goes to the poison bottles you get in Santa Fortuna for picking up the emetic and lethal flowers respectively. We have the liquid poison from S1, the lethal pill jar (generic one like the one given by Dalia), the pills unlocked in H2 and then the poisons specific to the levels and related to the frogs and flowers (sharing the same colors as Fatalomyde and Vomitorol, but different sticker telling the procedence of the poison).


Cool thanks for that. Basically like @scm97tl said. It’s just like the regular poison vials, but different front stickers. Nice!


At this point, that might as well be the subtitle for the next game.

HITMAN: Different Stickers


If 47 is having to squeeze live frogs, juicing them of poisonous toxin on top of blueberry muffins, I could imagine this might affect his speed running time.


FataLIDOMIDE. 500 mg, that could be a lot of “instant death” drug, but normally the label would be stated in standards of measure (eg. molecular weight). It is a liquid vial for injection by syringe, so the bottle label should indicate molar concentations (such as micromolar).

The bottle has the standard USP designation (United States Pharmacopeia) and a bar code, which adds to the realism. Also the frog is in green outline. If a real prescription had a picture of a frog on it, I would expect it to be green in color for the realism.


Sean 2 goes to hide in the bushes if he gets spooked out of the safe room.