Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


Pulling a Sean Spicer.


Lol I was just killing everyone in that map and couldn’t find that guy after killing everyone else. I guess he’s pretty good at hiding.

Slightly related, my favorite way of killing Alma is going to the roof and shooting at her so she goes into the panic room and then shooting the hatch in the roof open so she panics again and runs to the beach and into the water. Then it’s just one sniper shot to her leg and she drowns. Epic victory royale with an accidental kill and SA rating by only shooting from the roof. :sunglasses:


Ya, and that gave me the idea to do an explosion kill on Alma in the panic room for SA/SO on master back in November when I figured this.


Did anyone else notice in Hitman, they use some of the same exact audio/dialogue from the video game “The Punisher”?

When you get your cover blown, the music is the same as in some of the levels in the punisher.

Also, when you hear an NPC yell out “you will die, today!” Is the EXACT same as one of the dialogues used in The Punisher??

I’m trying sooo hard to find a video to prove it for comparison, but I’m having no luck. I will continue to try but I no longer have the Punisher game, so YouTube is my only hope. Unless someone here owns that game?

I’m just curious (I’m not an expert on the subject) but isn’t this a violation with “copyrights”? Especially since The Punster wasn’t developed by IO???

Is this common for (sometimes) developers using dialogue/audio from different games they didn’t publish to use in their game?


Maybe developers have a deal?
Are you sure this is exactly the same lines word in word and the actors’ voices too?
Maybe it’s something about ‘I take your text but voice it by myself’ and it’s ok for copyrights


Yes, positively sure 100%
I played that game a LOT in the past and heard it many many times. When I heard them both in Hitman, I knew RIGHT AWAY it was from the Punisher.

Man, I have to find it. Please if someone owns the game, let me know. I will continue to search YouTube


Are you talking about HITMAN/HITMAN 2 or older Hitman games?


Maybe they just bought the same package from some sound bank, that was under non-exclusive license? I don’t think i ever noticed that to be a practice for entire voice lines tho, yeah, that would be weird…


I’m sorry HITMAN 2 is what it’s from. When you’re in a gunfight, sometimes an NPC will shout out “You will die today” which is the same line, same voice from Punisher.


I’m gonna go ahead and suggest that you’re just misremembering, but if you can link to a clip…


Well,I see no reason why those two games would share voice lines.
I don’t think it’s reference or an easter egg because Punisher has nothing to do with Hitman.
I know you have good memory but I’m with Kent here


I’m gonna try and find it for comparison (may take time as I’m out too at the moment and it’s hard to find on YT) but I’ll post it as soon as I can. I will be EXTREMELY surprised if I’m misremembering, that’s how sure I am.


It might just be the same line but with a different voice actor.


Assuming they are the same then the likely reason is that both games bought stock audio from the same source. It’s unlilely one game company would contact another and beg for their stock audio, but if there is a company that specialises in generic NPC comments then it wouldn’t surprise me if an independent developer opted to use them rather than record 1000 lines that aren’t important to the story or even really the gameplay.


The Big One can no longer electrocute people. :fearful:


Found it, it doesn’t sound the same as in HITMAN because the guy has a Russian accent. It’s probably been a long time since you played the game.


… when could it??


Hitman 2016. You can find videos on Youtube. One the firework phase was over, it gave off a spark that caused electrocutions when in puddles.


Well, fuck me gently, I never knew that! I could have used that shit!!!


It’s fair. Why you want it when you have the EMP charge?