Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


Or the car batteries, for that matter. Still, could have used it for the last game, had I only known it actually did that.


Why I want a firecracker that is lethal at certain conditions? Do you know who you are talking to? :joy:


comments from @Andreas_IOI


Because they added a taser and emp that does it. And they did say that it wasn’t supposed to cause electrocution.

Does it still ignite oil for fires and blow up propane tanks?


Quite sure it still does that.


I’m talking to Creative Madman. I know but, given that NPCs tend to move a few steps away from where they check the Big One lights, for electrocution never was the best deal.


Yeah that was always quite limiting if attempted. I remember how much R&D I had to apply when I used it for that just because NPCs step out of puddles.


Exactly, dear Urben. But for causing ignitions, it’s way more useful, even through the EMP charge can do the same thing.


@Beldingford that’s the one!

@Kent well, it looks like you were correct, after all, I was misremembering. I got the line right, at least lol

I could have sworn it was the same, I would have bet money on it and lost! Lol

Well… like I said, consider me EXTREMELY surprised… I stand corrected :sweat_smile:


Another weird Blood Money thing. The more people you feed to the shark in Dance With The Devil, the bigger it grows…


Getting some serious “Contracts” vibes from this. Anyone else?


somebody just needs to lean the Sieger against the chair and it’ll be perfect


Haha that would be awesome, actually!


If you mess with the tv contrast you can see that on the bottom left of the screen there is a dead body. Presumably the over watch 47 took out before taking up that chair and waiting for the target to show.


And that body uses visual of Ort-Meyer :wink:


So as you might know Robbie Knox named his killbot line PALLAS before his untimely demise.

Well in Greek myth Pallas a titan god (War-craft/Springtime campaigns) who fathered the deities: Nike (Victory), Zelus (Zeal/Emulation), Bia (Might/Force) and Kratos (Strength/Power/Playstation). All of the following are traits resulting from or defining of a killbot.


You’re spot on. Looking forward to popping some heads with that thing. I kinda want more non-silenced gunplay while maintaining SA.


I love the skin of the gun :heart_eyes:


WUT. This was written in 2016 and I’m only JUST finding out. Fuck’s sake.


Holy shit I didn’t know that either. Can you actually use it to kill her?