Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


I don’t know but I’m about to find out right now.


Crack that shit open like it’s the fucking T-virus mate!


You guys didn’t know this lol? Easiest poison kill on De Santis ever. Only she will die from it so you can throw it at her while her guards are around.


Well, looks like I’m due a visit to Sapienza next time I’m on.

This game, man. Christ.


Whoa whoa whoa are you guys serious?
That can’t be. This secret vial should be well famous.


Can’t believe you guys didn’t know about this. Yeah, it’s actually my preferred way of killing DeSantis. And the great thing is, because of the nature of the virus, you can throw it anywhere along any of her routes when she’s not even around and just leave. When she eventually walks by that area, she’ll keel right over dead, nobody having a clue what happened, and it registers as a poison kill.


How would we know this?! I’ve never come across any dialogue or intel that mentions this ejaculation-worthy godsend.


Just uploaded


Shiiit caught us slipping :joy:


Zombie Easter Egg in Blood Money. I think we need more easter eggs like this because they are fun.


I found out about the virus in the ship decoration through a speedrun.

There are lots of items in ships and vases in Sgail.

Actually there is a easter egg in Sgail where if you find three cocaine bricks in vases and throw it in the money pit, they will all start dancing, even the guards. It’s hillarious.

Found by Martinoz

There are lots of ee that many might not know of, you can find them in easter egg thread and some in his yt channel


Oh man, this game was my shit when I was younger. I remember playing the demo I got in some Xbox magazine a good few hundred times before the full game was released.



I just noticed that HUD is now displaying witness counts. That’s some neat feature all right. :slightly_smiling_face:


El Matador is a Krugermeier Striker. FACT


Krugermeier Striker

What have you done?!
The human mind cannot comprehend such a thing!


Found a super easy way to kill the skydiver in Sniper Assassin. Wish I thought of it much earlier. :laughing:


Looks like it doesn’t work all the time, sometimes it shows, sometimes it just doesn’t.


You talking about using the shockwave ammo? Because same.


Afaik the count won’t show if you’re compromised.


I wish they can just make a tracker that shows how many people you’ve killed, how many you have knocked out(With or without knowledge about you)