Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


Works fine for me always. It shows how many people compromised you. If there only one unconscious witness the number will not appear cuz it doesn’t make sense syne it’s only one person. From the inscription it’s obvious there is one person. Counter appears is there are 2 or more unconscious witnesses

I wish they implement live stats like it was in Absolution. There you can go to notebook and see all the stats at any time you want


These things in Crow’s Hideout in Mumbai generate noise if you run through them and can distract npcs :smiley:

There was supposed to be a foliage patch here IO forgot to add(look at minimap) :smile:

Some things like swimming pools act as body hiders. For example -

The cement pool in construction site in Dawood’s tower(there are 3 of them)

The water storage which is used for washing clothes in Mumbai laundry(you can also push Vanya into that as foreman in a very specific moment when no ones looking :smiley:)

Caruso Mansion’s swimming pool.

( Edit - so I forgot to add these two:

Elevator shaft in Rangan Tower.
Small pool in Cocoa fields.

I’ll add images as soon as I get back to my PC!
These are great for distracting and sniping people/targets into! There are a lot more like the pool in Alma’s house or the slurry pit but the first isnt very useful and the latter is used in an oppertunity.

Ezra Berg can be distracted and sniped into this foliage patch!

Maya here, she has no bodyguards so he responds to distractrions on her own!

Rose here after placing a briefcase

And Graves here in the greenhouse after shooting the generator in the back :smiley:

Video -



I believe the technical term is “bones on a rope”.


When no guard is present anymore, NPCs don’t pick up briefcases.


47 can actually shoot people behind him as long as the reticule is somehow placed over them - HITSCAN HOORAY. :stuck_out_tongue:


i love messing with this type of shooting mechanic. they try to make it as least immersion-breaking as possible, but the scale gets so wonky sometimes you can’t help but notice.

(also, they gave us the duster as an unlock, we need these hedgecutters next!)


I just noticed they removed all the custom/master crafted tags on weapons and suits. I never payed much attention to them, so maybe they did this awhile ago? I remember them at launch

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Fascinating…:face_with_monocle: I wonder why they removed that.


Oh this is something I figured out months ago, but it is a bit of a rant.

47 can only cause Water Dispensers to leak through the use of a screwdriver or a gunshot.

This is very bad because it means you can’t do the Proxy Taser BC Water Tank trap with every Water Dispenser… :frowning:


Yes Soupienza, I was also feeling the same (read something similar on Finance Police). I faced the problem when I was doing that Proxy Taser thingy with the Water Dispenser during the mission.

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At least it works in Landslide. :slight_smile:


On TV, there’s a French flag.

But not in real. :sweat_smile::sleepy:


France withdrawing from a fight before it begins? What a shocker :dancer:


I wonder if those are different flag sets bc it’s a totally different order. I’d assume they just took footage of the game world. Maybe the footage was taken before a change? Interesting in either case.


Since when was this a thing. All this time on Sapienza and never would have guessed it


I noticed those flags, they weren’t waving from where I could see them (on the roof of the motel). I don’t know if that was because I was too far away or if they’re just not coded to move. I’ll have to look at these again next time I play.

eta: I did have the sniper rifle. I even looked at the hot air-balloons. They appear to have some very… plain looking “people” in them.

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well, it was only fitting. seeing as it is Dance With the Devil"s spiritual successor :^)


Happy cakeday Cake :smile:


I was just playing through sapienza, while I was in the observatory I was just looking over all the creepy paintings. But I found something even creepier , it appears that Silvio is a voyeur and has taken down a painting and put a peephole there ! Thus peephole just so happens to be looking into francescas room, what a freak !