Things About Hitman You Just Found Out

visually different but functionally identical. that’s how a lot of people define “reskin”


It was sarcasm. As people say it’s an identical resin. Come on, you know me :slightly_smiling_face:


I knew it! I was sure the Striker had the longer barrel/compensator.

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It looks a bit like a black variant of the AMT Longslide (let’s hope it doesn’t bite like one).

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I always thought the striker would have been cooler if it looked more like a longslide and less like a giant compensator. I also thought it would have been cooler if it looked like a .44 auto mag or a dEagle or something that was actually more powerful than a .45 clone (to match its in game power). Oh well. At least it looks different lol.

Sure, why not.

Fuck no. Outta here.


I didn’t mean I prefer a dEagle. But even if I did… you want 7 versions of a 1911 and 3 versions of a polymer? Hell no! We want one or 2 1911s, 2 DIFFERENT polymers, a REVOLVER, .22 (which we have), and perhaps even a dEagle to keep things different lol

Edit: oh and give me a subcompact like a ppk that actually looks small in his hand and has lower accuracy and stopping power.


Mate, all I meant is I friggin’ hate the Deagle :smiley:

You want a bit of variation? Let us unlock the “Hackl” with the suppressor. A suppressed 9mm Glock would be a nice option to bring with us.

Oh, and the Krugermeier in black, please.


Or the 22 from H2SA. That thing was amazing. I found its real life inspiration. I happen to live in one of the 5 US states that do not allow suppressors, otherwise I’d buy one.

That would be preferable, yes :slight_smile:

IRL it comes in brushed stainless, black, OD green, or desert tan.

I didn’t know there used to be a free disguise there. Now it’s been removed, which is a good thing, that was way too easy way to get inside the laundry.

Any of those would be fine. Anything but gold or pink!

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In Hantu Port, the bullets don’t agglomerate like in Austria. It was a fine detail.

EDIT : The cartridges. Not the bullets.


Caseless ammunition? I don’t know much about guns, though!

why is the Druzhina’s icon fun-size

They’re playing on Casual, it’s still there.


Oh yeah you’re right, didn’t notice that. I never play in that mode so I didn’t even know there are more free disguises lol.

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Never touched it either, but I’ve seen enough youtube playthroughs with free disguises where they “shouldn’t” be, to realize that that’s what it was.

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Oh boy! Another reskin? Yay!

No… how about, instead of the same gun but a different color (which offers absolutely nothing whatsoever.) we get brand NEW weapons like the 5mm custom and Striker, for example.(something that actually makes a difference gameplay wise)

I’ll take a variety with my arsenal, rather than having the same shit in different colors just because it looks “cool”