Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


A pretty hilarious thing I found in Hitman Contracts was that you can jump to balcony’s whilst dragging body’s, I found this out by accident whilst I was dragging bodies through the apartment balcony and instead of dropping them I jumped to the balcony instead being rewarded with a funny result. :laughing:


Same bug in C47


lol this is just as interesting, had no idea this would work in C47 too. :+1:


That’s damn funny! :slight_smile:
What happens after you get to the other side? Is the body on the other side and the drag animation continues, or does the body drop down below?


Yes the animation will continue as you jump from balcony to balcony. 47 will never let go of frans unless you tell him to. But interestingly if you drop his body off the balcony his body will sink through the floor. :laughing:


Proves he still loves his father :heart:


I took it one step further. Doing this on one run in A House Built on Sand, activating accidents with the flying objects. Enjoy


I see it coming, lamps are the next unlockable thing.


Reference to Quentin Tarantino. I assume there are a bunch more of cinema references on the level.


I just realised there’re currently 47 escalations.


Good. Hopefully they’ll stop making them now.


But I’m not counting The Adrian Eclipse, which has been removed.


I never before knew that Yuki can be burned to death although I knew that the cigarettes can be placed on a table in the restaurant too. Why isn’t that a challenge?


I never knew they removed one. Oh well. I don’t even play escalations even though i just need to complete a few of them for 100% trophies. :unamused:


There’s also a model Eiffel tower in the Paris map as well. Located in the room where they have the mini restaurant thing.

As well as the Eiffel Tower you can also see Cathédrale Notre-Dame in the distance as well. By using those two landmarks Palais de Walewska would be about here. If everything was in correct to real world scale and actually a real thing.


How do you burn her?


Put cigarettes on restaurant. She will go smoke next to the barrel
Make sure to puncture the barrel before she gets there


In Bangkok a conversation can be heard by a woman NPC. I don’t remember word for word. But she said something like

“Jake and I took a pottery class and I don’t know what happened, but me and him went full on Ghost.”
-Blah blah… the NPC even mentions Demi Moore.

Reference to the actual movie “Ghost” with Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore.


Oh clever. I always just assumed that if you left the cigarettes in the restaurant she would go and smoke them in the balcony by her room, same as if you leave them in her room. I only recently noticed that certain minor NPCs on the level carry packs of cigarettes that you can take if you knock them out (the gardener by the helipad for example.)


In Marrakesh. When you snap Claus’ neck as Konny in the massage room, you leave and the security officer (waiting) asks for a massage. 47 replies genuinely : “Sorry, I have an appointment with a general.” OMG