Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


Grave of the Unknown Sailor.
Grave of the Unknown Cabinboy.
Grave of the Unkown Guy we found on the Beach with his face in his own vomit.


In world of tomorrow, you can’t kick the guard that is mourning at that open grave anymore. When did that get removed but more so, why?


A couple of months ago. As to why, I have no idea. The grave still works as a body drop point so it should be working.


If you are in Konny Engstrom’s disguise, you can give a massage to any male npc that walks around (none that JUST sit there) but you need to do something to initiate it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I found this by accident and I was able to take my npc target to the massage table and snap his neck for SA.
This would have been awesome to do on the fixer when he goes to the consulate.


I’d be all for a light switch distraction mechanic basically the way it was in BM, as in all it does is work as a distraction, like radios and fuse boxes work now. Problem with that is that it would either make the AI look really inconsistent regarding what it reacts to, or it would require adding a bunch of other responses as well. See:

  • Lights have been switched off -> Go to the light switch, turn them back on
  • Every light source in the room has been shot to bits -> ??? -> Light switch won’t do anything, situation normal?

Personally I think the inconsistency is worth it in this situation considering fuse boxes already do that to some extent and more distractions equals more options which is most of the time a good thing.

You could have the suspicion meter fill up slower in dark areas, but a mechanic like that would either require a proper Thief/SC-style darkness meter or it’d be really annoying and shit to work with. Even in the darkest areas of the game it’s generally very easy to see so it’d be hard to distinguish what the AI considers dark versus what the player considers dark. There’s a pretty big difference in brightness between World of Tomorrow and The Icon but making everyone in The Icon have poor vision just doesn’t seem right to me.

The focus of the game isn’t shadow-based stealth so trying to implement that just seems like trying to do too many things at once. Just focus on the social stealth.


Have you ever played Alekhine’s Gun? They have this mechanic in the game and it works pretty well. So there’s no reason why they can’t have it in hitman. Plus, they even have it in a very dark castle.

But Alekhine’s Gun has foot step noise in their game and a mecnhic that uses light switches, should use foot step noise to further enhance the darkness with a risk/reward system to it.

Edit: and I just wanna say that for dark maps like night marrakesh and the icon, those are still lit up with street light and such so it would not be a problem. Light source is still there.


Found another dialoge I’ve never heard before. Appereantly you can give De Santis the DNA samples as Lafayette, and 47 says something like: “Ah, miss De Santis is it? I found this lying around.” And Francesca goes like: “My god! Thank you doc.”

Never heard this before.


Yes and if 47 is disguised as “housekeeper” he will say “ma’am. I found this while cleaning. It has your name on it.”

Pretty cool little details, right there. I know it works with a bodyguard disguise as well, but I don’t remember exactly what he says.

I assume it’s something very similar though. I wonder what other disguises can be used.


These are nice details but they also fail at other ones too. Like when I killed Heidi (the guitarist) in an accident, Jordan was the one who found her body, and called guards.

Then when I was heading back downstairs, I see Jordan heading to his mic booth and as he’s just about to get there, I hear him say “where’s Heidi?” Lol.

You just saw her dead on the ground 2 minutes ago. Lol.
And then another thing, if you take out the prisoner undetected, take his disguise, then hid both his body and yourself in the closet, when zaydan gets there, the alarm and a search will commence. If you wait till the coast is clear, get back and blend back into the chair, zaydan comes back and talks to you as if nothing has happen. Lol.

So some are really cool, but then some are complete fails.


There is only one reasonable explanation - Zaydan thought that his soldiers found you and returned you to the chair.


Using Dr Lafayette’s disguise and giving Francesca the DNA sample is the best way to make her stand near the fireplace. I used it many times to unlock propane related challenges.


Thats pretty funny, although I can forgive them for missing a few things. I can’t think of many other games with as many possible situations and combinations of events like HITMAN. The fact that they have most of them covered with dialogue is quite remarkable.


In Hitman: Contracts, if you’ve been in any type of fire-fight (from what I’ve seen it has to be 3+ people against 47) or have killed any innocents, Agent 47 will make this disgusted face and never change back during the mission.

After I killed all the patients in the basement in Asylum Aftermath:

Zoom in (for clarity):




Haha, glad you enjoyed it!

I’m pretty sure the face is supposed to represent what 47 is thinking. In the case of me mass murdering patients, the thought process probably goes like this:

Hold on a minute…I never killed (Innocent’s Name)/got into a fire-fight with (Group of People)…This isn’t how this goes, something’s wrong.

It probably fits in with the fact that 47 is supposed to be a Silent Assassin every time, never getting in too much trouble or killing when unnecessary.



He just smelled Harry’s dump :joy:


Am I the only one that sees resemblance between this Hitman wallpaper

and this scene from movie Se7en?

Same angle,same raindrops on the gun…


Wow, great find. I remember that scene from Se7en, I’ve seen that two times.


From watching Youtube videos I’ve just realised you can apparently subdue someone by initially grabbing them from the front…but I can’t get it to work!

Anyone know how it should be done?

When I try, I just end up twatting them one in the face!


I guess you mean when 47 is leaning behind an obstacle and grabbing the target. Well hide behind something. :wink: But note that there is a huge chance to fail, the time frame is extremly tight.