Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


It only works around corners, and even then it can be buggy.

Edit: fuk u @Urben


Thank you Urben and Silverballer…I had failed to twig it was a “round the corner” thing so was just walking straight up to people hahaha!


In the Mac Os trailer the flying ticket location has been changed from Paris to Seoul. You hinting at something there @IoInteractive? :smirk:


It was always Seoul :slightly_smiling_face:


Wait wtf :confused:


Ha, never saw this! I always saw Paris on the right side of the ticket but never paid attention to Seoul on the left side!

I even checked this myself, it’s true


It’s Seoul to Paris I think.


Gasp! My long lost Beretta! :heart_eyes:


I just found out that the Lancer can shoot through 4 bodies and kill 5 bodies with 1 bullet alla @CHAOS_AGENT_45


Didn’t someone find a really close resemblance of one the airport cut-scenes to an airport in South Korea?


I don’t think many people on HMF know any South Korean airports to begin with :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Kind of cool to imagine that there’s key parts of the story set in South Korea.

Oh and “Things about Hitman I just Found Out?”

That we are now getting Season Two! :sunglasses:


Everytime you lure an NPC that isn’t wearing a hazmat suit to the container unit in the lab of Sapienza, the unit will begin the process of cleaning the room from the toxic air.

Obviously, this means that you can lure pretty much every guard at the lab and kill them by stopping the cleaning process of the. By the way, this kill is classified as Any Method but I think it used to be considered Poison Kill at one point.


In Sapienza, Francesca De Santis when escorted to her office by her guards due to the fire alarm when they go out she says something along the lines of :

  • If I had the animation to kiss you I would, but now you’ll have to settle with a hug. :smiley:


I think she also says “I’ll have a good word with Mr Caruso” and “Thank you, you are a true man” after a lockdown.


My friend sometimes comes over to my house and only lures guards in that room and kills them, for like 3 hours straight :smiley:


Lol, really?! She says “animation”?


It always was an “Any” method in the contract mode.


Yeah! I was shocked and like - DID I JUST FOUND AN EASTER EGG OR SOMETHING?!


That’s some breaking the fourth wall!