Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


Because it is Hitman. The sauna kill in Hokkaido is also declared as “Accident”, just like the bell in Sapienza. Still they are both “Any” too.


Get load of another wallbang brought by ICA phone.:stuck_out_tongue:


In Hitman: Contracts, the cocking lever (as I call it) on the MP5-S will repeatedly slide back and forth when holding it. It literally doesn’t stop; it happens when you walk with it or just stand. It’s great.




If you start Hokkaido in Normal Difficulty in any other suit except the VIP Patient, you get a free VIP Patient disguise right in the Patient 3 Room (47’s Room) - the disguise is in the bathroom.

It is handy as a free disguise if you get compromised and can make a break for 47’s room.


Given that the VIP yukata works as a suit, you can literally start in any of the undercover outfits and still being able to make kills that involve wearing the suit in a contract. Hokkaido is pretty unique in this aspect.


Hokkaido is really a special place. Perfect for the special ET 25 where the Target will keep changing.
Hokkaido with its special door locks, special disguise layout, and now a special ET… It’s really a sort of “gimmick” map.

I love it. :slight_smile:


Well, i just discovered, that a picture from MRAP is rendering in real time.
Shame on me :smiley:


was also impressed by that. This is like hightech when I think about how (much) older games handled this.


I think it uses same technique like a mirrors, but rendering scene from MRAP POW and in a low res. Again, impressive level of details


I just noticed that there is a subtle “focus change” after a body is dumped into a closet. The focus appears to now be on the body and not on 47, after you dump a body. The view returns to normal as soon as you move 47. I don’t know when this change was introduced.

In the two images on the left, there’s no change in focus. Notice the crisp bar code and 47’s head and body.
In the image on the right (ET #25), the focus seems to be inside the closet. Notice that 47’s head, body and the bar code are all slightly blurred.

I don’t think it’s slow rendering, as it’s not just the bar code that’s blurred but 47’s head and body. Everything gets back to normal as soon as 47 is moved.


Just yesterday while playing the ET I noticed that some people at Gama vape, don’t know how I hadn’t seen that before. Maybe I just haven’t been paying attention to random NPC:s that much. That’s actually clever since smoking is banned there.


I didn’t know about this method earlier. :thinking:


Yeah 47 gets his textures replaced temporarily when the camera is out of focus. You can reproduce this by going against a wall and positioning yourself in a way where you can’t see 47, then quickly pan the camera to him again.


The plague doctor disguise is trespassing when wearing it in the church.


Yep, it’s a pretty neat detail. I actually made a contract based on that, Trespassing Holy Grounds


Not quite as interesting but similar: I just threw a wrench to distract a guard and quickly ran around behind them to do some illegal act. He looked at it and went, “I think I should say something interesting here… but I just don’t feel like it. Not like anyone is listening or anything.” Paraphrased because I just caught it haha


There is a saber AND folding knife in Landslide. Shoot the mini-boat in Abiatti’s office (where he meets Bravumo in the opportunity) to reveal the saber, and shoot the glass container next to it to reveal the folding knife. Also, there is a bartoli hanging under Abiatti’s desk where the pen is (the one you can kill him with in the opportunity). I guess the developers were nice and gave out free pistol ammo.

Also, Travis didn’t even know the saber was there.


It’s Depth Of Field. The camera focuses on the body you placed in the storage momentarily before going back to 47. :slight_smile:

The effect is turned way up (to blur background) for any frisking security sequence.


Yup, I know it’s DoF. :slight_smile: I noticed this only recently. Do you know when it was introduced? I checked my earlier gameplay videos and couldn’t see this effect in any of the hiding-body-inside-closet instances then.

Edit: And yes, the effect is profound during the frisking phase like you mention.


Just found out that if you kill two of the guys in Flatline to these chairs during the therapy session and approach the last one, he will still talk to you but will never head to this room because there’s no free chair (this is possible to be done just because the guards can’t bodybag a sitting corpse there).

Also seemingly your SA is fucked up if you kill the therapist in an accident. Same as one worker in the boiler room in the Mississippi mission. Hate those buggy NPC:s.