Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


Just found out that if you kill two of the guys in Flatline to these chairs during the therapy session and approach the last one, he will still talk to you but will never head to this room because there’s no free chair (this is possible to be done just because the guards can’t bodybag a sitting corpse there).

Also seemingly your SA is fucked up if you kill the therapist in an accident. Same as one worker in the boiler room in the Mississippi mission. Hate those buggy NPC:s.


It’s not something I just found out but anyone reading this could probably use this and then they could reply to this thread as something they just found out. Lol.

But you can throw a wrench or fire axe (maybe others items too) at a camera and destroy it with anyone around and you won’t get in trouble for it. Good way to not having to pull your gun out and get caught.


On a similar note if you drop an explosive(I used a duck) on the bench at the side of the church underneath the camera & detonate it not only will it destroy the camera but the evidence for the entire security system saving you from having to go to the box. It’s an unusual glitch/secret?? For sure :slight_smile:


Just found that glasses are actual glass objects that when shot, shatter to pieces and sound effect and everything.


Nice detail. Like how someone found out that shooting Parvati’s arm prosthesis does no damage on her.


In hitman 2 you can throw a gun or a rifle where they wash the dishes in “basement killing”. It reminded me “a dance with the devil” with the elevator for food. I was surprised because hitman 2 is so frustrating and the AI is so random :disappointed_relieved:


Is there some kind of hit reaction?


I don’t recall clearly but i think there is bullet impact at the very least.



But yes, I’ve noticed it a while back. Shooting her arm causes no damage to her and it just makes a Metal ding sound.

The arm may flop around too in between shots, but as long as you just hit the metal arm, it will not kill her no matter how many shots you fire at it.

Very nice detail, for sure!


From hitman 2, dunno what it means, in the end it says “fuck dem” lol


It means “In Denmark we are not racist, we just have a pair of loud mouth right-wing politicians (fuck those guys)

Actually i never seen this message before, so this is new to me as well.


i remember now, i used the free cam in the mission invitation to a party, and this message was in the weapons locker in basement.

Outside the ball room area

How the final cutscene was shot :smiley:

Better gore details in HITMAN

IO has certainly improved the CQC details, i can see that by the end of season 3 we’ll have NPCs having dark circles below their eyes when 47 punches them or uses a blunt weapon. I really hope gibbing and gore is implemented for explosions :crossed_fingers:

something like this


400 hours in and I just spotted that lab security are from CICADA


Haha “The Joke” = CICADA :joy:
Perhaps I’m just observant, but I honestly noticed that on day one.


I noticed that there are no cities with name: MarrakeSH, or Sapienza
And Hokkaido is an island


Well, Marrakesh is written in different ways. Some people even wish to write it as Marrakesj, but it all refers to the very same city/province.


meh, whatever 20 characters


TFW someone just finds out something you’ve known for like a year and then you never want to read to anything they say again.

Just me? ok.


Just approached the protest at the embassy in Marrakesh while wearing the Bangkok suit with gloves, don’t remember the name, is it “casual” ? Nevermind, I approach the soldiers guarding the entrance and the guy says to me “Have a pleasant stay in Bangkok, Mr Rieper” … okay then.


All location based outfits have this. If you wear the Tuxedo, they might say to you to enjoy the show or even greet you with a bit of dialogue in French.