Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


Yeah I noticed something like this when walking around with the White Yakuta. People kept greeting me as if I were a patient. In Paris I believe.


Maybe you were and the Sanguine Show was just a projection of your imagination, due to your mental illness, everyone was just an actor playing their part to convince you it was the real deal.



Unfortunately they forgot other ones. I killed hiedi (Jordan’s guitarist) by drowning her upstairs in between rooms and had Jordan find her body. After her body was bagged and dragged away (as he stood there witnessing this), he then would end up back at his vocal booth and as he gets there, he says “where’s hiedi?” Lol.


you can make a crowd panic with a breaching charge.


I found out that you can make the dongle scientist sob about the dead spot named Malcolm. Poor girl, the grief caused a brain damage. Will she ever recover?


16 months in and still finding new things. This game rocks!!


I learned if you follow your target (Viktor, Silvio or Zaydan, who can see through your disguise) during lockdown as a guard, they will yell that you are an imposter to the other guards.


47 is McLovin


You can talk to Sean after you spoke to Graves as an interpol agent. Kinda dumb I didn’t know this, but I just found that out. Almost every target meets the other ones in Colorado.


Pravati doesn’t meet Graves in Freedom Fighters.


apparently breaching charges can fucking kill you even when you aren’t standing directly next to them.

this costed me an elusive target fuck


There’s a bouqet of flowers in the garbage in Sapienza. Never noticed until today.


Can you pick it up?

20 characters


Yeah. It’s the same as from the crashed truck and in the flower shop. So it doesn’t really have a use since both those have disguises nearby as well.


How far were you exactly? That sounds lame. :open_mouth:


only about a meter.

i saw another run of the same target where they were the same distance from the breaching charge and they did not die.


So today I started to play HITMAN again, after a long break. And I must say, the game has improved very much!
The blood effects have become gorgeous. It may have taken some time, but IO really delivered. It’s almost like I’m watching a Tarantino movie :smile:

The physics also have improved. Did anybody else notice that NPCs fall to the ground very realistically?
For example, when you shoot somebody to the legs with a shotgun this happens:

They’re literally flying.
Also, they changed the environment in Marrakesh a bit, to give it a nice touch.

Clothes hanging etc.

So I just found out this game has become even more amazing :slight_smile:


Blood improved? I’ll have to check this out on my next shootout. :smiling_imp:


After they hang up

Ezra Berg: “I was the interrogation expert, not the intelligence expert. She always confused me for the latter.” :stuck_out_tongue:


There are two usable sabers in the dining room of Villa Caruso, Sapienza.