Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


I for one have always known of this; since the first time I tried that opportunity anyway because I did not know I had to turn on the fan. However, AFAIK you can put a bomb on the plane, so maybe this could work for you.


Yes, this is what every self-respecting professional should also consider. :wink:

Also learned you can trigger the Seaplane escape by planting flowers at the grave.

(I love this game).


I believe this used to be the case, but is no longer possible.


Hmmm… I also recall seeing an old video where it was already done. But maybe a Jaeger 7 Lancer can pull it off?


What? How would that work?


On Redditt it says: “Let Caruso faint at the grave and when he awakes he will make a run for the seaplane.”


As far as I know, Caruso doesn’t faint at the grave though. Or have I missed something?


I’ll have to try this again to know for sure. That said though, outside the Guru (my first successful ET), sniper rifles haven’t seen much use for me in this game as I gravitated more and more towards the other gadgets.

Also the game now splits its time between me and my brother (who is making Contracts with the same account). So not sure when I can try all of this.


Found it :grin:


I cannot believe that dude StalkingOnSunshine make a hitman wikia page like this

Brands in HITMAN™
In HITMAN™, one can find dozens of brands and products which are there to make the world look alive. Most of these products are inspired by real brands. In the following is a list of all the brands and products in HITMAN™.
Energy/Soft Drinks Edit
Dr. Popp

Dr. Popp is a very popular soft drink in the HITMAN universe. It is sold via vending machines and in shops and can be seen in every level of the first season of HITMAN™, except Situs Inversus. The product’s vending machines can be seen in Sapienza, Marrakesh and inside the Himmapan Hotel in Bangkok. Pallets of Dr. Popp can be seen in every level. Soda Cans filled mit Dr. Popp can be picked up und used to knock out people, which makes Dr Popp the only interactive soft drink in the game. Dr. Popp is based on the very popular American soft drink Dr. Pepper.
Fountain View

Fountain View is a very popular energy drink in the HITMAN universe. Like Dr. Popp, there are many vending machines and palettes of the product spread over the different HITMAN™ levels. Unlike Dr. Popp, cans of Fountain View can’t be picked up. Fountain View is based on the American energy drink Mountain Dew.
Whistler Ultra
Whistler Ultra is an energy drink which is only found in the mission Freedom Fighters. It can be found all over the farmhouse and is commonly consumed by hackers and militia elites. It could be based on popular energy drinks like Red Bull, Monster Energy or Rockstar.
Pressure is an energy drink and, like Whistler Ultra, is only found in Freedom Fighters. It can be found all over the farmhouse, too. It could be based on popular energy drinks like Red Bull, Monster Energy and Rockstar.
Full Metal Orange

Full Metal Orange is a popular soft drink in the HITMAN universe and is served and sold in many locations like the Sanguine Fashion Show in Paris or the Himmapan Hotel. Palettes of the product can be found in many storage areas throughout the game. Full Metal orange is most likely based on the very popular soft drink Fanta.
Fresh Bubls
Fresh Bubls is a popular soft drink in the HITMAN universe. It can be found at locations like the Sanguine Fashion Show and is storaged in palettes. Fresh Bubls could be based on citronal soft drinks like 7up or Sprite.
UberWet Clear Water is one of the most popular brands of bottled water in the HITMAN universe and can be seen in many levels. Bottles of UberWet can be poisoned to knock out or kill people. They are found in lots of bar areas in the game. UberWet could be based on popular bottled water brands like Perrier, Evian and Volvic.
American Natural
American Natural is a brand of orange juice found in Freedom Fighters. It can be found throughout the farm area and is most likely a locally produced product. The juice is sold in 1 liter boxes, which is uncommon for an American product.
Crunchies is a brand of popular potato chips found in Freedom Fighters. Their slogan is “Extra Dry!”, and there seem to be many different flavours. Packages of Crunchies can be found in the farm house. The brand is most likely based on the American chips brand Lay’s.
Molto Bene
Molto Bene is a brand of canned tomato sauce which can be found in the mission World of Tomorrow in the basement of Villa Caruso. It’s unknown if the product is still produced as the sauce is long expired when encountered by 47. The can can be used to knock out people or as distraction and to poison Silvio Carusos meal, which will cause him to vomit. “Molto Bene” is Italian for “Very good”. Molto Bene was also a main ingredient in Isabella Carusos “secret” Spaghetti recipe.
Franz Tomato Ketchup

Franz Tomato Ketchup can be found in the mission Club 27, where it’s a popular dish used in the hotel’s kitchen. Outside of the hotel can be found many boxes and palettes full of Franz Ketchup. It represents typical tomato ketchup found in many super markets and is based on the popular American Ketchup Brand Heinz.
Hanz Brown Sauce
Hanz Brown Sauce is also exclusively found in the Himmapan Hotel during Club 27 and is a very popular dish in the United Kingdom and Ireland, where it is normally eaten with meals such as baked beans. The name is a reference to Heinz again, but the product is most likely based on HP Sauce, a British product.

Esclusivo is a premium ice cream popsicle producer with many advertises in Sapienza. Esclusivo is sold at Gelateria Bella in Sapienza, as seen on the gelateria’s menu. They produce at least one brand, an ice cream with almonds. Esclusivo is most likely based on the European premium ice cream producer Magnum.

Greenfields is a producer of vegetable cans which only appears in Club 27, where one product of the company, garden peas, can be found in the kitchen area of the Himmapan Hotel. The company seems to be based on popular European canned vegetable producer Bonduelle.
Brambles is a producer of canned soup which only can be found inside the Himmapan Hotel in Club 27, where several cans full of tomato soup can be found inside the kitchen storage area. It is not known if there are any other kinds of soup produced by the company. Brambles is based on Campbell’s, an American producer of canned soup.
Early Bird
Early Bird is a popular corn flakes brand in the HITMAN universe and produces many kinds of breakfast cereals. They are served as a breakfast dish in the Himmapan Hotel in Bangkok and they can be found in the kitchen of the farmhouse during the mission Freedom Fighters. Sorts include “Captain Sugar Rush”, “Honey Bear”, “Apple Bran Crunch” and standard corn flakes. Early Bird is most likely based on Kellogg’s.
Alcoholic Beverages
Harpy Royal

Harpy Royal is a brand of beer commonly sold all over the world of HITMAN. They can be found at the Sanguine Fashion show in Paris, inside the Himmapan Hotel and at the militia training area in Colorado. Some bottles of Harpy Royal can be poisoned to knock out or kill people. Harpy Royal could be based on British or Irish beers which are exported all over the world.

Rampart is, as the name suggests, most likely a Dutch brand of Pilsner which is sold all over the world. It can be seen at many locations like the Himmapan Hotel or the Sanguine Fashion Show. Some bottles of Rampart Premium Pilsner can be poisoned to knock out or kill people. The brand was founded in 1920 and is based on the popular Dutch beer brand Heineken.
Buena Muerte Tequila
Buena Muerte Tequila is a popular brand of Tequila in the world of HITMAN and is commonly served in many bars. It can be found in the bar areas of the Himmapan Hotel in Bangkok and the Sanguine Fashion Show in Paris. “Buena Muerte” is Spanish for “Nice Death”. It is based on the Mexican Tequila brand Jose Cuervo, the most popular Tequila brand in the world.
Crown Gin
Crown Gin is a brand of Gin found during The Showstopper at the bar area of the Fashion Show. It represents typical British Gin and is based on the popular Gin brand Tanqueray.
Skull 'n Bones Rum
Skull 'n Bones is a brand of Rum found in Club 27, where it is commonly served in bars and lounges around the hotel. Skull 'n Bones is based on Captain Morgan Rum.
(More brands and pictures are coming soon)

I think he (or she) must be a die-hard Hitman fan to make something like this.


Yes, indeed! And I think, in general, you aren’t across Wikia pages created and maintained for other games. The pages are created by die-hard fans and usually very detailed. :slight_smile:

For example, check out the pages created for Elder Scrolls. It has 53908 pages at the moment, covering all Elder Scrolls games!


Lol that is great. Respect to StalkingOnSunshine.


I for one choose the UESP wiki. Much more detailed IMHO.


I can’t tell whether that reaction was a good one or a bad one, and I still know fuck all about what to do with this page.


If you bump into an NPC that’s about to answer the ICA Explosive Cellphone just before they answer it, they will drop it. This is pretty useful in case you got the wrong NPC with the audio distraction or just wanted to get rid of someone without killing them. Just keep in mind to be pretty precise with the bumping or else you both will blow up.


I actually been aware of this for some time, but along the way i forgot about it and rediscovered not long ago. In the Contracts version of ‘The Lee Hong Assassination’ when you go to the bordel to free Mai Ling/Lei Ling, you encounter the madame (old crow). If you knock her out and stay by here she will begin to grunt like a man in her unconscious state. Giving the impression that she might not be an old lady after all.


I don’t know if others are aware, but in Marrakesh, if you go behind the school in your suit, it’s obviously “trespassing”


If you stand in this specific spot, it’s not??

I even lured the soldier over with a coin and he didn’t care, but when I walked literally one step out from the spot, he has a fit :joy:


Yep. I did this on an alternate account for an et. I couldn’t do anything but LMAO!!!


I think that same bug/glitch or whatever it is is also present in Villa caruso.

I saw it on youtube by @D1NGdong I believe, but it could also prove useful


I don’t remember a video from myself about this. But I have seen it.