Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


My bad, that was @introvert_’s video


Found out you can snipe the Future Teller from the Consulate entrance in Marrakesh. That was really funny to discvover:


I just found out that IOI said they were going to show something last weekend (not exactly show, i mean they said that something special will happen) and nothing was shown :frowning:


Maybe they did show something, like opening up their office window and then holding it in the window.

People of Copenhagen! BEHOLD!!! and let your eyes feast on this extincting new hat that 47 can wear!!!


Definitely lol



I hope it was a top hat, if 47 can wear a top hat I’ll be happy forever


“Corrupt A Wish” granted. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:






If you allow a Civilian NPC to spot a weapon and call a guard, the guard will lock-in on this specific weapon’s location.

You can then pick up this exact weapon and place it again somewhere else to make the guard go to the new location - as long as you weren’t spotted relocating the weapon.

Even if you place many more weapons, the guard called by the Civilian NPC will just zero in on the specific weapon that was tagged by the Civilian NPC.

2 new/unusual ways for luring targets

Does this work when the guard is already on his way?
Did you check how much different the new item location can be?


Yes, I think so. In Hokkaido, what I did was I placed a Bartoli pistol on the ledge near the Gas Tank where the Handyman smokes.

Nailz, the helicopter pilot, sees the gun, goes back up and calls a guard. I then grab the pistol and run almost all the way to the door that leads to the access area for Staff Quarters and the Morgue and place this same pistol on the ledge there.

The guard that comes down walks all the way to the pistol’s new location and does the pick-up routine and does not stop near the Gas Tank at all.

On second thought I might have done it as Nailz was going back. May have to test again.


Apparently the Master Assassins have been doing this for some time:

Just a couple of things the Global Elite have been keeping from us commoners. :stuck_out_tongue:


I lost track of all this already. Some methods are also somewhat too ridiculous to be used imho.


Wow… that’s just like the King of Snipers Shot from Golgo 13!


Here’s a video I made using an npc to lure out a target for me but another guard was in my way. You can see that I dropped a bomb on her way back with the guard and the guard bypasses it and then the npc goes to call the target guard. And then again, place another illegal item to push the npc away from mr.kaboom. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
It’s goood to use these methods for no ko runs.


Yep same. Was trying to work out a run for the Angel of Death, so I started in the school alley. When I got to the locked door at the end of the alley, I did a little dance just to the side while I detonated the breaching charge. Died. :sob:


Today, many months after fkgfw destroyed my score on a contract of mine, Ive found out there is another delivery-guy disguise in the flower shop in Sapienza which is why I was so slow. Nice. Slowpoke.jpg


I found out when you click on a target in the “Objectives” tab of contracts mode before you actually play it, as long as the disguise restriction for the target you clicked is “Suit”, the outfit that the original creator of the contract used pops up.

Here’s some evidence:

Samurai Jack (@GuLe)

The creator used the White Yukata when killing this target.

Winter is Coming (@mendietinha)

The creator used the Blood Money suit when killing this target.

Deadly Messenger (@Opal_Hitman)

The creator (best speedrunner ever, used the Terminus suit when killing this target.


Beforehand, sorry for the pixel quality of my cellphone pics but, was messing around in St. Petersburg Revisited and this has to be the most silly SA/SO I did in this game:

Also, he counts as an enemie and not a target once he loses his W2000 rifle.