Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


Fun fact: you wouldn’t be able to do that in the REAL NON-CONSOLE PORT version of Hitman 2, because it has proper bodyguards placed everywhere. Here’s some reactions to Hitman:

What the Hell are you doing here - again!

You gonna die! This time you won’t escape you’re fate!

You…? You got a nerve showing your face in this town again!

It’s that bald guy again!

Haven’t I seen you here before?


Not really found this out but have you guys ever explored the attic in the Contracts asylum. It’s one of those very creepy places in the building. Mattresses covered in shit everywhere, flickering lights, rotten wooden floors and holes in the floor (where you can fall throught :point_up: ). Little extra thing: there is a spas 12 shotgun with a ton of shells laying in the 3th room in the attic.

If they ever recreate the asylum in Hitman 2016, god I hope it has the creepy, rotten attic in it too.


That’s the reason I hold contracts so close to my heart. The atmosphere is just magnificent.


Have you seen the showers? There’s a MASSIVE blood stain there, fucking grose. And that office kinda place on the right side of the map. So many places in there where you’re alone but feel like you’re being watched, if not by the police snipers… :eye:


I might get killed for this on this forum😂 but:
I first bought hitman blood money after absolution was announced and I loved it!
I then played absolution and it was just not very good and I got excited about the new hitman.
I played 370 hours of the new game and once a while i decide to try the older games but heres the problem… The games are really old and I try my best to appreciate them.
I gave them all multiple tries and maybe I’m just impatient but the mechanics are frustrating and the controls are clunky🤔
I always come back to them and think they are really good at creating a killing atmosphere though.

Maybe I will get to the point where I understand the old games and I can appreciate them fully but until then it’s a hard way there


Yeah,asylum aftermath was an amazing level in many ways.
Great atmosphere,walking through asylum and trying to avoid SWAT teams was really tense.

I’d say tension and that feeling of danger is the thing I miss the most from older games.In HITMAN I feel too “safe”…but that might be just me.


I only really have that problem with Silent Assassin. While I’m glad to have beaten it, it’s not one I look forward to playing.


Three are quite a few things i do miss from the tension aspect. One of the most gratifying moment is wrapping the piano wire around your hands and killing the target just before he turns around.


If you try to kill two Targets with a single Fire Extinguisher only one of them counts as an Accident Kill. Cost me an SA rating on “Winter is Coming” contract.


You sure that the other target wasnt too close to the breaching charge when it exploded?


Ya, as @BernardoOne said, you definitely had the breaching charge or duck too close and it killed the target. Cuz you can kill unlimited NPCs (well only 5 targets) with an FE for an accident kill.

Accident kills are unlimited from explosions.


I could try this again, but I recently learned that you can arrange a neat “double Explosion Accident” with the kitchen stoves in Hokkaido for “Winter Is Coming”.

I’m not keen to really try the FE thing again as my method for the contract is pretty convoluted and not one of those 2 minute runs. But I enjoy it, as doing it the “long way” is really a showcase of all the goings on in Hokkaido amounting to a “Mission: Impossible” episode. :slight_smile:


Ok. I’ll do it for you. Triple FE kill. FF to 2:45

My run of this with my custom kill cam. FF to 1:50


Not sure if this has been mentioned before or what thread to put it in. But i just found out that “Hitman Sniper Challenge” is now backwards compatible on Xbox One :open_hands:


Discovered two things today. Both are probably generally known, but I’ve just managed to miss them because they’re part of triggered events where it never struck me to go a completely different path.

First one is the possiblity of killing Francesca DeSantis by blowing up the red sportscar outside the villa. She walks passed it to her meeting with the P.I.

Second one is the possibility of blowing up Silvio with a tank of propane down a chimney during his meeting with Lafayette.


It’s on purpose, meant to be planted by the ICA/Diana etc. for 47 to collect. If you read the intel it provides a narrative justification explaining Diana hacked their servers etc.
I like to think it has Tobias Reaper printed on it specifically for you etc. like an agency pickup item, its custom.


Paris Fashion Show area video walls can be ruined?


they where always destroyable, afaik


Yes there has always been a “lost signal” look to the screens that surrounds the stage when you drop the light rig. You can see it in the Gameplay trailer.


It’s a shame that this dialogue between Diana and Soders is not in the game. It adds more depth to the Colorado mission struggle in the ICA - Soders basically pressured the board to greenlit the operation.

Also, Colorado actually looks badass in this trailer.