Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


It’s a shame that this dialogue between Diana and Soders is not in the game. It adds more depth to the Colorado mission struggle in the ICA - Soders basically pressured the board to greenlit the operation.

Also, Colorado actually looks badass in this trailer.


Just found this nice comparison video!


You can also get her to run past that car by putting her into a double lockdown, like this. You’re the first person i’ve seen that used the car to kill Franny.


damn, earlier version of point shooting was wayyyyy cool


I don’t really think it’s Soders; probably another ICA head. In Situs Inversus, Soders would speak to you when you show at the operating table, and he sounds like a normal dying old guy. Besides, it’s been 20+ years, Soders and his voice would have aged.


He sounds exactly the same as in the prologue, you think that was someone else??


The Prologue and Colorado missions have a gap of around 20 years? It’s interesting to note then, that in Colorado, Soders sounds like he did 20 years back, but sounds old and aged in Hokkaido. It’s either an oversight or a deliberate set up showing off his failing state in Hokkaido.


That’s more likely than me posting a message shorter than 20 symbols.


And yet another thing I never realized.
If you place a sound distraction device under the bench the P.I. is sitting on (or maybe if you just leg it) you can make sure to be in place to drop a chandelier on Francesca as she passes through the villa lobby
(you can do this after destroying the virus as well, but it seems inconsistent what path she takes down to the lab, while this should be consistent)


He always counts as an enemy and not a target.


This finding inspired me to do a SA/SO run where you kill the targets without entering the mansion territory or a lab at all. Thanks!


Make me remember someone using the Roberto opportunity with right timing that make him able to make Caruso and de Santis to be killed by the phantom of the mansion.


No problemo. Very nice. :slight_smile:

Did something extremely similar but not SO after discovering the car method.
Never saw the pistol version of Eye For An Eye before.


Depending on where Franny is when you make her go down (by either waking up the detective or destroying the virus), there are 2 chandeliers along her way that you can kill her with. This is the other one:

Might also be interesting for you to know that she has like 3-4 lockdown spots.


John Stubbs is in the Moroccan news paper


pretty sure its allready wellknown, but i just found that Blood Money Easteregg in Bangkok


Actually, I didn’t knew about this… :astonished:

So thanks for your post :grin:


Only just found out about the crippling technic the other day as a subdue. All this time, I could have saved so much time :open_mouth:


Knocked out NPCs have wounds:

Thought they only changed the blood on walls. Nice. Wonder if they keep it when woken up.


That is pretty awesome.