Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


They added the blend spot at the shisha cafè’s fountain to the Marrakesh daylight level.

Or was it there before and it was missing in the night time level? I am not sure about this tbh


I think it was there only in AHBOS.


It was originally only there in A House Built On Sand.

They also added at least one more blend spot from AHBOS to AGC, which is the blending spot in front of the Fountain View vending machine.


Today I found out that Dalia Margolis’ assistant, Sophus Fatale, resembles the female Sofie Fatale. She also is an assistant, but here of O-Ren, a Kill Bill target.


I found out i am in love with this game and i regret buying the game 2 months ago, missing almost every elusive targets


That you actually can be spotted lifting the lid up when hiding in a bin. I always thought it was functionally just to give you a better view, but I got spotted doing this in Colorado just yesterday. Never happened before.


You have to gently lift the lid if you are going to peek a bit more and also don’t push it to the highest point. I still need to see if this also happens with closets and lockers but so far with them it’s safe from my experience.


even they drop a few blood drops after the knock out, it’s pretty awesome


Had no idea if it’s new to everyone here but it is to me. The key part to do this I think, is to let Roberto upside down. Also, this is the first time I called De Santa using Roberto’s phone after she died.


Where is this at exactly?


You can do the sportscar kill on Francesca from one of the windows in the kitchen building in World of Tomorrow.
Nice to combine with a quick suit only poisoning of Silvio’s food while you wait for Franny.


I just found that the Big One is an illegal item on Pro. Found that after spending about 20 minutes in Bangkok trying to lure Ken Morgan to the Fire Barrel. When I did that and pulled off the Big One to burn Mr Lawyer to the crisp - he started to scream and ran away.



On the rooftop across the consulate, where that one woman is


Apparently NPCs now can see through those windows so hinding a body next to the stairs isn’t a viable option anymore.


Today I found out that the best way to stay hydrated is to have a full bottle of water in front of your nose while speedrunning. One has to reload so often that the little anger for the last mistake can be drowned with a sip in the time of the loading screen.


If you mean those windows near the stairs I recall getting caught there before as early as The Warlord ET.


For the people who still didn’t know, here is a video for you guys. You have to open the tweet. :wink:

Syringe frontal attack on crowd member


Id rather have these cool animations than the “unnoticed heart attack”


Pretty badass,would be nice if some other weapons also had that animation like maybe knives


lol i just found out that @HHCHunter is playing Doki Doki Pow Pow.