Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


There is also White000 aka the Hitman Lore Expert right below him.



So on Sapienza, there is a capsule with the virus hidden in a wooden ship on the Sapienza level. Had absolutely no idea and I’ve had Hitman throughout the whole episodic release.


I only knew it from @cjgarof’s speedrun


If you attack the Schoolyard Meeting in Marrakesh, Strandberg will attempt to hide in the School area rather than try to return to the Embassy.


Knocking out ‘crowd member’ NPCs kills them.

I’m sure everyone else already knew that, but yeah, only just noticed that recently.


this is interesting



In A Gilded Cage, the waiter disguise gives you access to the school area?

Was it always like this? I seem to remember being stopped by guards when I tried this previously…

I mean, 98% of the NPCs inside are enforcers, so it’s not very powerful disguise, but at least it gets you in through some other path than the head master’s rooftop.


I think that’s because a waiter brings a meal for the target.


It was always like this, but a small area in between the market and the school was tresspassing for some reason.


Yes, this is the obvious logic behind it. I just remember not being able to walk inside in the disguise when I tried when the level was new.

So that area has been removed now?


I just now found out that Dino Bosco is voiced by William Mapother, who was originally intended to voice 47 for Hitman: Absolution. That adds even more to the lines of diaog in the level about wanting David Bateson to play the Icon.


Is there lines about David Bateson playing the Role of The Icon? havn’t snooped to much around in that level as i should have. That is awesome, really nice nod towards what made the community cry out in anger.


Actually, yeah. One of the civilians around the set says ‘You know who they should’ve cast? Dave Bateson’ or something along those lines.


No but you can just run past it


I think they’ve fixed it.

I just tried walking passed all three guarded entrances to the school yard, while dressed as a waiter, and at no point did I get into a trespassing zone. I just walked on by.
Also ran around a bit between the market and those passages and didn’t get into a tresspassing zones as far as I could see.


Isn’t that broken then tbh?


Okay, some of us already know Sapienza = Vernazza

But, did you know there was a LANDSLIDE in Vernazza!?
For real though. :sunglasses::+1:


No, but i do now :smiley:.


Ok I found this out just yesterday.

So apparently, in the Sarajevo Six contract
(PS4 only) “The Controller” if you smack the target in the back of the head with the baseball bat, Diana will give her speech (which only activates once the target is eliminated.)

But as we know, the baseball bat doesn’t kill. So while knocking out the target, it will register that he has been killed, even though he is not.

What I also found funny was, if you knock out the target after he says his speech to 47. Once the target gets woken up by an NPC, The Controller will repeat the entire speech again to 47. :joy: