Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


He deserves to be killed.


You can kill Erich Soders in Hokkaido using a breaching charge anywhere near his operating table. Not the simplest thing, but certainly interesting.


you can also kill him with C4, placed outside on the window from the garden with the bridge :slight_smile:


As far as I know any kill on Soders counts as an accident and he can never have a body found. So explosives, unsilenced weapons etc are all fine ways to kill him if you want Silent assassin.


It doesn’t count as an accident, it’s just that Soders isn’t an actual NPC (he’s an object like the virus) so he doesn’t count as a body when he’s dead.


Oh okay, so functionally like an accident but not really. Kind of similar to poison I guess (it behaves the same as an accident kill, but dosn’t actually count as one.) The fact he dosn’t count as an NPC is interesting, explains why you can’t make him a target in contracts mode. I do wish you could create other objectives in contracts mode though (such as opening safes, destroying the virus, picking up certain unique objects.)


This is soo relaxing and just shows how well Jesper Kyd’s music still fits HITMAN


If you lure Consul Olander forward and syringe him with an emetic syringe, he will puke in the bathroom. If not, he’ll puke in a bin.


I have a playlist of Kyd’s music on spotify. Play it in the background while i play HITMAN.


Would be an interesting contracts thread to make.
Targets + objectives.


Or… Put the contracts in the same thread, because guess what… They’re still contracts 4Head huehuehuehuehue


But they are not. You can have a thread just for targets and a thread with targets and objectives. I’d rather play the latter because I find that a bit more interesting and fun so having to scroll through a bunch of contracts I’m not interested in would be counter productive.


You’re right, I was joking m8 :wink:


So, i found this :smiley:


When he was telling a bit of his backstory with 47 and the farm, was he talking about the colorado farm?


Mistery. We don’t know for sure. Many believes he was talking about 47, that they knew each other from the past. I believe it was a story but the “friend” he was talking about is not 47.


Ok. It could be possible that the colorado farm just reminds him of the old (other) farm he visited with his friend.


i really, really hope so.


Well,it’s kinda strongly implied he is talking about 47.
I doubt there’s anything deeper going on there


Today I discovered that the slide on 47’s pistol remains locked back once you run out of ammo. Has it always been like that? It’s a nice touch anyway. :slight_smile: