Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


The friend was 47, other wise he would have popped his skull with a bullet in the head


Not sure I think he meant someone else. From the post-Final-Test cinematic:

Do you realize what kind of world you’ve been shaping? Does the ICA? Does your handler? I live in that world. I have seen the consequences. I have felt the cost. That’s what defines me.

It sounds the SC learned about 47 but still has a different past which is not directly connected. I also dont see where it fits the canon.


Hitman GO is on sale at the PSN Store, for 2,99€ :slight_smile:


Because 47 wasn’t the only child created by the programme. There were many. Hence 47’s barcode. It’s a barcode that gives date of creation and number. I know I am telling someone something that is painfully obvious but I can’t think who else the SC is referring too.


Because we may not know this person so far. The SC also looks completly different to the clones we know.


Maybe he’s first generation? Just a theory


Yeah since the beginning.


If you dump a body in the water or it falls into it in whatever way, the body floats. However when you shoot the body a few times (about 3-5 shots with a handgun) it sinks to the bottom. :smirk:


I think if you wait a little while it sinks by itself as well.


It could still work that the SC and 47 knew each other in childhood but lived separate lives. The SC may have run away from “The Program” but 47 stayed in it. Or whatever.


Well duhh. The extra lead makes it heavier.


I was bored recently. I decided to force myself to take a look at the stealth walkthroughs of h.absolution and this new game. Guys, seriously, if you love David Bateson dubbing these games you should collect a private pension fund for him and give his career a rest. His voice was out of place!


What do you mean with this?


Part of the charm of Agent 47 is his awkwardness. It’s no secret that the original game had poor writing and hammy delivery. But I think Bateson does a fine job in 2016. His line as Helmut with Dalia, “Cyanide… Good choice,” is probably my favorite delivery from him. It helps that the writing is clever and layered, but I think Bateson performs the character in a unique and engaging way.


You can offer a massage to all the businessmen in the consulate while disguised as the masseur.


Ya, I posted this a couple months ago in this thread.
I like to use this in my consulate runs. lol
I always wondered, could we have killed the fixer with this method? :thinking:


I guess we’ll never know :upside_down_face:



Can the CX bomb do the same by detonating it?


i dont think so. think like colorado guy in basement