Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


nice find, i’m going to use this from now :slight_smile:


so weird :smiley:


What am I missing here? Tried this extensively last night and it didn’t work. Is this only on PC or is there a certain routine you have to do to trigger it?


Massage Strandberg before, without killing him.


“without killing him.”

Ah Ha! Got it! Thanks man.


Does it also work on women? Guards? Janitors? Olander?

Also, do they make any comments before/during/after the massage?


Only businessmen i think, the prompt does not appear with womens, guards, janitors, Olander.

only generic comments, not specific to the massage.


Is that your stream or fortheseven’s ?


I had my guy comment how he hates his boss. Lol

Here’s my vid. At 6:30 if you wanna go right to it.


Lol… :joy: Amazing.

47: “I will show you your destiny. Come…”


mine 2020020020201020


But it’s featuring @Fortheseven
And as far as I know this is his voice


cuz i was watching him while i shooting that video


Plot twist you and him are the same person


2 things recently:

  • After I got discovered and completely failed a recent contract on Hokkaido, I was running around just shooting a bunch of people in the hospital area. I was disguised as a surgeon, and as I passed by KAI’s room, she said “Doctor, I am detecting an increased level of stress and tension in your body” … cool.
  • Another thing, my gun ran out of bullets (yet I hadn’t noticed) and as I tried to stealthily shoot someone as I stood right behind them, they heard the “click” of the gun signifying there was nothing in the chamber, and turned around to face me.


I had spare time. I reinstalled codename 47 to replay this awesome hitman game again. I was surprised to find out that if you begin the mission find the u’we tribe without weapon in your hands no one will open fire at you in your outfit. :open_mouth:


I never knew this path existed, damn bats almost scared me.

Also you can play the piano badly by shooting it.


I had no idea that on the Blood Money mission “Death on the Mississippi” that there was a suitcase with a rifle in it in one of the guard areas.


Yup and a note from the targets brother :wink:
I always thought that was cool. I like when the Hitman games link the targets.


What the fuck I played that level hundred times and had no idea about that.

Well,at least now I have a reason to replay Blood Money again