Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


Yeah that’s one of the many reasons I absolutely love Hitman. After many MANY years it’s still possible to come across something you haven’t noticed. Hell, even I get surprised from time to time lol just when I thought I seen and heard it all…


WOAH so i found this, i’m working on a level right now bumping this beaauty and this comes up!

listen closely at 49:14 , the background voice says “i’ve chosen to embrace it” sounds familiar?



So, maybe after few years, we’ll find a suitcase with rifle in HITMAN, too?


Hmmm Probably no, we have visited every single corner of each map, however, I jus discovered yesterday that one of the presents in HH has a ducky, so maybe one has a hidden briefcase, we just have to find it huehue


Maybe if ALL presents are opened in a specific order the last one contains the briefcase.


I think IO should add a briefcase that can be picked up and thrown as a distraction, just like the radio from Absolution and serve no other function then a kick in the nuts to us the fans.


I never even knew the Exploding Phone plays a digital-like Ave Maria ringtone when activated.

Also, two easter eggs by the same two guards at the entrance of the Palei Da Velaska Wfiuewbfiuwbe98rg239rgwugf8i whatever it’s called:

  • Is that… is that Pitbull?
  • Is that Helmut Kruger?


When trying to do contract where target is Congressman in the Showstopper, I can time it just right with FE + The Big One at this exact spot with no other characters nearby.

This is the same door way out of the cocktail bar and party area where the Paparazzo also steps out.

But oddly enough, no matter how well I time it, I always get a Non-Target Kill.
When I watch the Explosion with Instinct on I cannot spot anyone else dying.

So apparently this is a wallbanging spot that I never heard of until now.

Rare & Unique Kills (all episodes) - **NOW ADDED: Impossible ‘Suit Only’ Kill Opportunities**

Probably known allready but some cars in The Final Test are placed differently than when it released. I’m talking about the cars on the left of the building when you’re standing in front of it.


Sounds familiar?


I found out that Hitman is supposed to be a realistic assassination game about an Agent who is supposed to be the most dangerous and smart person in the world who uses proper equipment




Can’t believe I’m still finding new things in this game.


This is why Challenge System and Opportunities now exist. Which is to say, they always did exist, just not on a screen where you could spot what you missed. :slight_smile:


People may say what they want to about oportunities but they help as a lot in finding stuff about the maps sometimes


Just killed Soders by using the robotic arms as Laurent. Quickly changed to a surgeons outfit and decided to go a different route than the obvious. When I passed the little side room with the stem cells, the female surgeon who usually goes in and out of that room was standing against a wall, in shock.
I got a bit of dialog I’ve never heard before.

Surgeon: “Doctor, That’s terribe about Mr. Soders. What happened?”
47: “He died”
Surgeon: “Uh. So I understand, but how? All those doctors and surgeons and KAI on standby… how could something like that happen? I mean, uh, I don’t blame you. I’m sure you did everything you could.”
47: “I always do… excuse me”

This must be quite a rare piece of dialog to hear, considering it requires the surgeon’s disguise (rare in of itself) and that you decide to go through the operating room to the stem cell room for some reason.


The pastries in A Vintage Year bleed and cause glitching when shot. Damn.

whatthefuckareyoueating (2)


Agree, hate using them, but last night I turned them on to help me finish The Icon & AHBOS… found out what I was missing was that the tech trailer on the film set can be opened and you have to read the remote control info to unlock mission mastery!

Anyway, to cut a long story short, finally unlocked "The Iconator & “Janbiya” last night… that’s Hitman™ 2016 all wrapped up! All challenges, opportunities, mastery, unlocks etc. on both Normal & Pro finished 100%!!!

@Kent I love the dialogue in Hokkaido, best map for dialogue imo… the two doctors by the water machine are comedy gold… the guy going on about his love of '70s rock & “Cheap Trick” :smile:


it’s also working on shoes in “New life”


Finally found out how to snipe the two aquarium guys SA/Ninja only from the Mountain Path.This a puzzle i wanted to solve for months. If you watch close you can see the guard passing through the aquarium. A few moments later is the perfect moment. The first targts falls outside the second targets view cone. The guard will find the bodies 3-5 seconds after exit.