Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


Does that mean it’s impossible to get SA ?


I just found out there’s an NPC in Landslide called Cristina Dionisi
There’s another female in WoT that has the same name
I wonder if they are the same person


Screenshots of the two? Any dialogue of interest, maybe in relation to events in the opposite mission?


No dialogue, but they look completely different


Maybe just coincidence.



Wot she’s the bald worker in the living room next to the kitchen


Identity theif confirmed. Future mission storyline exposed :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You can erase the church evidence through the sewer wall, without needing to enter the church.


This also works with the bench next to the morgue.

Another small thing I found out while playing the new featured contracts. I can’t remember if I stumbled upon this dialogue before. I usually never go past this checkpoint guard with this disguise.


Had no idea about that one, that’s even more useful!


Stop breaking the game. :joy:


You can drown people in these things. Not sure what it’s good for other than fun I suppose.


I’ve just found out that the Shamal Hotel it’s next to the building from A Dance with the Devil. Maybe that explains why the Dragunov is in Eve’s room in the first place? They were targeting 47 on his way there?

HitmanBloodMoney 2017-10-14 12-03-07-849


today i find out eric soders is not a real drink.


Hi Uber



you mad bro


Nah, it’s just a joke
sorry, if that wasn’t clear enough


I actually noticed this during my first run:)


I just found out that the morgue doctor commits suicide


I was super freaked out because the intense situation music wouldn’t stop playing and I thought my game was haunted XD

Turns out, during and after he kills himself, the audio keeps playing!