Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


It’s night where I live and you just put horrible audio in my head
thanks m8 look for me under your bed


Mrs Mookjaj seems to be the only NPC without a first name :thinking:


You telling me Mrs isn’t her first name?


If you honestly think that, then you don’t play the game much, right?




well, i usually dont create contracts or play many of them, and so far i’ve seen every npc had a first and a last name


There is a guy named Crowbar. Not even joking


He was in the last featured contract batch


And he looks like @GuLe huehuehue


Yep. And There’s a guy with a nickname “blue balls”. And I’m not even joking. Lol.



20chars of mind blowingness


Yeah, i guess at some point the IO guys were just like fuck it, got high, and came up with random shit haha


There’s a guy called Bruce. Just Bruce. No explanation given.

Also, he walks with Julian Wakefield for some reason


Sun is no longer shining through ear cartilage

Hitman: Absolution (2012)
hitman absolution

HITMAN (2016)
hitman 2016

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End (2016)

uncharted 4

ELEX (2017)



Wow! Game reviews made a big deal of this in Uncharted, and it was in Absolution all along?!
Btw, is that cap from an Absolution cut-scene or regular in-game?


I never knew that if you talk to Fuchs guard in your swimsuit in C47 ‘TotT’, 47 says his popular line :hushed:


LMAO: This dude’s fascination with bathrooms disturbs me. :smiley:


“Here is a trick I can show you. You can turn on all of the showers and watch them running. It’s very relaxing”.


This is some top-notch satire XD


I just realized that the high-tech GAMA Hospital has made a very basic mistake and surprisingly no one in the hospital complain about it.

Why the hell they put the door symbol on the back of the outfit?

Any new patients go to the GAMA hospital must be like:

"Oh, the symbols next to the door show me that who can go through and who not. That’s so high-tech, let’s see, my symbol is… Wait! I CAN’T SEE IT!! IT’S ON MY BACK. HOW AM I SUPPOSE TO SEE IT!!! DON’T TELL ME THAT I SHOULD TAKE OFF MY CLOTHES OR TWIST MY HEAD 180 DEGREES SO I CAN SEE IT!!! Oh, the screen turns red, so I can’t go through. THEN WHAT THE HELL ARE THE SYMBOLS NEXT TO THE DOOR ARE FOR? I CANNOT SEE MY SYMBOL, DAMN IT. AGHHHH. THAT IS HARASSMENT! I’LL NEED TO HAVE A SERIOUS CHAT WITH THE MANAGEMENT ABOUT IT!!!