Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


I think they’re in the wrong hospital if they think like that. They should be in a mental hospital.


Two reasons come to mind.

  1. Gameplay - The player always has view of where they can go.

  2. In universe - Agent 47 (along with all the other members of GAMA) most likely have memorized their symbols and know where they can go. They probably got a card to go with it so they’re absolutely sure. Even then, guards could tell or direct the person to the right areas and such if they DO forget.


Thank god we Have One in Romania


Also, if they’re not allowed somewhere, the door won’t open. Takes the thinking out of it, eh? Plus, if you have to ask yourself “Am I allowed in here?” then you probably aren’t XD


I just found out that, while blending in a casket in Sapienza (the Church Morgue starting location), getting up from it while the priest is praying over you will cause him to faint (a.k.a knock him out). He probably thought 47 rose from the dead. However, this counts as being spotted in the final mission score.


Happened before to me, beautiful detail, but sometimes doesn’t work


I think there’s a guy named Jazzy Jeff in Sapienza.

Wish they made him look like the real guy though. Huehue


Witcher 3 does not support HDR… HITMAN support HDR even on normal ps4


They also had the “Prince” ET in Sapienza. :+1: Coincidence? :thinking:


Ah… subsurface scattering… a great visual effect… but I’m opting to drop it on future projects… costs too much render time for something people will only really appreciate for lighting around ears. :stuck_out_tongue:


Illuminati confirmed.


But they had the effect in Absolution! And I didn’t see any FPS drops at my end. :slight_smile:
Or was it only during cut-scenes?


Ah! I was talking about Forward Rendered Sub Surface Scattering (SSS). In all likelihood Glacier 2 and other game engines have a buffered version of SSS.

For game engines this effect should not be an issue. If it’s not in HITMAN 2016 there may be other reasons for it to be removed.

Definitely anything removed or reduced improves performance.


The medecine ball says that KAI is a Nazi :joy::joy:


What is medicine ball?


It’s an easter egg gimme a minute
here : it’s somewhere in this video


I know the easter egg. It’s not called medicine ball though.


That’s what @Urben called it, and I’m too lazy to change it


I had no idea that there’s a Master Fortune Teller challenge pack Marrakesh.


The reward for it is even worse than that jungle assault rifle