Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


Oh lovely. I’m not a huge fan of the mission anyway so I wasn’t in a rush.


Me neither, still haven’t completed it and probably never will, same with the scarecrow challenge pack


Yeah, same here huehue


The patients can see through the floor in Hokkaido’s resturuant. They are also super sensitive, when I shoot out cams, there’s an alert. Pls fix.

On a brighter note, stabbing the printing crew member with scissors in a storage room dressed as a janitor turned out to be a beautiful screenshot. Also, you don’t need the crew to follow you back to the school unless you want to do the opportunity.


I found a pretty sweet trick that allows you “collect” ammo for guns, wich is quite useful for the types you can’t find in a level.
Here we have the Sieger 300 Advanced with just 1 round left, wich is the minimal neccesary for this trick to work.

Now you just have to lure a guard to the gun and let him pick it up and transport it to one of the concealment boxes of the level.

You have to let the guard finish the animation of him placing the gun inside the box or next to the box and you are good to go.

Now you have the whole magazine refilled but notice the reserve ammo stays without alterations, in zero for this case.

Wonder how this could be useful for a contract. :bear::+1:


not much, really
could be useful on mass shootouts you ruthless monsters


I gues with ETs repeating, you could try.


Does he go in the consulate ?


I do not remember but I think he starts there.

All I remember about that ET was people getting super salty at failing it because they tried to rush it on first try.


because subduing a random shopkeeper only to find out that makes you fail is “rushing”


Yep, that’s my intention already. :smile:


He spawns from there, makes his way to the cafe, does the drop and then returns to claus.


If you had read the TEXT briefing and not ONLY watched the vid briefing, you would have realized that wouldn’t have been any kind of solution.

No shopkeeper has the diamonds on them technically. He actually has them hidden and picks them up and THEN hands them to the courier. So what good would it have been to ko a shopkeeper? You would not find the diamonds anyways.


The same reason you’d KO any NPC, because they might be in the way of something. (I get that you like no KO runs but we’re not all like that lol)


Well I’m not talking about doing no ko runs, I’m wondering why did you feel the need to ko anyone? How was a shopkeeper in your way if you’re not trespassing? Your objective was to locate the fixer or the courier and considering the vid briefing said the courier was in the cafe, what good would have been to ko a shopkeeper? I could understand KOing someone who has a cafe invitation/pass, but a shopkeeper does not that pass. I’m just trying to understand why you even had that idea? Was this a blind run or did you do any intel/restarts?


This wasn’t how I failed, this is just an example of one of the fail conditions. Even if there’s not really an explanation for why you’d do it (you might just do it because you feel like it?) doesn’t mean it should be a fail condition


The shopkeeper was not in the main mission. A player with detailed knowledge of the map would notice this and think to themselves ‘This guy is out of place; he must be the guy who hands off the diamonds.’ They would then subdue him, expecting at worst nothing to happen and definitely not expecting a fail since that wasn’t outlined in the briefing, which it should’ve been (‘Do not harm any shopkeepers since they may be instrumental in tracking the diamonds’?).


Well considering that a random shopkeeper has the diamonds, why wouldn’t it be a fail condition? What happened if it isn’t and players start KOing a bunch of shopkeepers, what do you think the game will do when the courier will get to the diamonds? Either continue to walk forever or the game would crash.

So I ask again, why would anyone want to ko anyone when your objective is to find the courier or fixer? It makes no sense to ko anyone until you do this very thing.

Correct, but again, why would KOing anyone be part of anyone’s mentality when all a player should do is locate the courier or fixer? That’s what tre mission is all about, those two NPCs. And considering that Diana said they have NO IDEA where the diamonds are, why again, would anyone think “this npc has them”? That’s just very poor investigative skills. It’s basically shoot now, ask questions later. That means guessing and not knowing. So one is basically asking to fail with that type of approach.

First, that would be a contradiction. Diana already said they have no idea where the diamonds are so sayin don’t ko shopkeepers would kinda spoil that. If then they changed it to “don’t ko anyone blah blah blah”, then that would be a bit better. BUT, this is what they thought the players should do and I’m sure most did that, want the players to think for themselves.

And with that, Diana also said you’ll have to “shadow” the courier or fixer to find the location of the diamonds. And with Diana telling you right when you start the mission that the courier is in the cafe, what good would it be to ko a shopkeeper? They don’t even give you a cafe pass. So why would anyone deviate from the mission and not just go to the cafe and find the courier?

So the only “instrumental” part of the mission was to shadow the fixer or courier as they would get you to the location of the diamonds.

This is why I just don’t get this type of thought, when the briefings (text + video and Diana telling you the location of the courier) basically say you shouldn’t do anything other than go find the courier or fixer. That’s what boggles my mind.


Your argument is “players should only do exactly what the game tells them to”… don’t you hate scripted kills because they’re just given to you by the game? The player might think that instead of doing the scripted option like literally everyone else (following the courier) they’ll do their own investigative work by subduing the out-of-place shopkeeper, but here they’re given a failure without warning.


@MrBurn4488 @immadummee47
No. The Fixer spawns under the cafe sign, go to the meeting then go to the consulate then he follows Strandberg.
(Thinking about dropping the moose)