Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


The part below the containment unit for the virus can be used like an automatic killzone for the NPCs. If you lure one into the water and this NPC picks up something while in the water, it will die automatically and it will count as an accident.


There’s Ms. Persson in Marrakesh, she’s the receptionist.
Niew in Bangkok, she’s in the Queen Suite wiping the window by the piano.

There are more like FortheSeven and others mentioned.


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Who cares about that fail condition. Bigger problem was that the whole retrieving the diamonds part was boring as fuck and took way too long. The fixer itself wasn’t that bad. But that waiting…


In one hand, I agree with you. I don’t really prefer to go with the scripted kills. But in the other hand, this isn’t a kill. These are instructions you’re getting from Diana in the briefings and intro dialogue when you start the actual mission.

Also a thing that’s overlooked, is that these missions are not canon. So considering that, how can 47 think that “this shopperkeeper” is out of place when it’s the very first time 47 has visited marrakesh?

So regardless that hitman is about replayability and players know maps, players should still follow the story, but what they should follow more are “THE DAMN INSTRUCTIONS” (lol) that Diana has given 47. “Go find the courier or the fixer”.

Like I’ve said so many times in these replies, what kind of mentality is it to go do ANYTHING ELSE (ie. randomly start KOing NPCs) other than finding the courier or fixer?

There were arguments back when it was released that ppl failed it also for subduing the courier. They thought either 1) he had the diamonds on him (which clearly wasn’t the case because it was stated in the briefings that he wouldn’t) or 2) take his clothes and assume his role. What? How would 47 think that the fixer doesn’t know the courier? Again, NOT FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS. Diana said find the fixer and courier and shadow them to the diamonds.

So regardless if someone wanted to “do their own thing”, it just boggles my mind why anyone would not follow instructions? That is your role as 47 in the first place and Diana is there to guide you. So it’s basically saying F you to the ICA and going rogue. Absolution anyone?

Not sure if you’re kidding but he spawns inside the consulate and walks right out the front doors, through the crowd and walks directly to the cafe to meet the courier. That’s how I found the courier. I was kinda new to marrakesh back then and I didn’t know where the cafe was but I knew where the consulate was. So I found the fixer walking out and followed him to the cafe.


Maybe I’m wrong. I cannot remember the details. Still, kinda annoying that he must not be killed when he walk to the meeting or the mission will be failed.


The Cafe Sign in Marrakesh can be destroyed by any throwing item

This something uncommon, as most stuff like this sign can usually only be destroyed by heavy items like fire extinguishers.


I just found the Sheikh’s room in The Showstopper and these are the things I found out about him:

  1. He can go to the auction without an invite.
  2. He is told he cannot go to the Stylist and Models area, but actually he can if he comes from the outside door at the side entrance of the Palais.


I played hokkaido today and I left a body outside subdued and later on I suddenly got the message non target killed. I was like? what?!

Is it a thing that outside in the snow, NPC’s freeze to death if you leave them outside subdued without clothes?


There is a very rare bug of random NPCs dying. Did you check it was this one NPC who died? Also, NPCs who can be spotted but not be reached get killed by the engine.

Never saw someone die by coldness.


Did you trigger the curators remote? Did you know that he kills himself by jumping to his death? I don’t think people freeze to death.

NPC’s die after a while if you leave them subdued in the sauna though, even if you don’t turn the temp up.


@Urben yeah well I didn’t check… I think it’s just random then. Thanks!

@JDMHatch_G I didn’t know those things! And I didn’t trigger anything that I know off… I know now that it’s not the cold lol. Thanks also.


There’s an NPC (forgot which map) called Hilda Berg…



Yeah, except Hilda Berg from Marrakesh (she is the former security head for the consulate) was already with that name since May of 2016 and I doubt IO decided to name her after a character from a game that came out just some weeks ago.


I know, but it was just cool. Also, the NPC I found with Hilda Berg was in Paris. I found out.
And, I know it wasn’t referenced to Cuphead, I was just saying it could’ve been a coincidence, as a joke.

Anyways, cool thing I found out.
If you throw a small item (crowbar, hammer, kitchen knife, etc.) at the fountain, aiming as high as possible, it will send the item you threw flying up.


I used no-clip glitch to reach interesting sniper position


After GOTY update ,you can sill see Mini Ninjas and Kane & Lynch easter eggs in the game.
So IOI keeps the IP rights?


Two cool things in Hokkaido.

  1. The safe inside Portman’s safe (inside the bathroom of his suite) contains the same poison found in the gym area of the hospital.

  2. 47’s safe inside his suite contains emetic rat poison.


Jason Portman’s surgeon was replaced by This doctor right here. His name remains unchanged tho.


fyi, you can use the Striker to make the Hokkaido Chandeliers fly and hit targets in the distance


Some worker fell off the cliff in ‘Patient Zero’. Two guards are looking after him, one of them even is praying…