Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


Nice touch IOI


I don’t have the dlc yet but I have already fallen in love with the Striker. It looks amazing and sounds awesome!


Oh, so that’s what those guys are doing there. Nice find.



Explain plz 20202020


47 shot the guard who was carrying the pistol and the ICA phone, the items bounced off the wall with such force that they landed on the roof 47 was on?


Any one know where the safe is in the Patient Zero Contract? I found the Head Researchers Safe key,
but I have no clue where it is.


Looks like the Sapienza sniper key card teleport glitch …


Yeah, I spent ages looking for it as well, but had no luck.


I found it! It is in the directors office, where the key card for Agent Smith can be found in the main mission. The director also carrys a key for it. The safe contains a standard lethal syringe,
which you can use in one of the challanges if you didn’t bring your own one with you.


Well that the cyclist in Sapienza looks really hurt on the ground but if you fire a round, all his pain magically disappears as he stands up and runs away! lol.


He’s just another killer doing his job. Don’t bother him please…


Always thought that he was a con-artist like the ones in Better Call Saul and that it was all a big faked accident.


in the second mission, the author, 47 can shoot the bell to make the targets meet each other, NOICE!


spoiler tag please


There’s still a motocyclist disguise laying around in ‘Patient Zero’.


how do you hide text?


click on the gear icon and press on blur spoiler


indeed seems a variation of it. Btw, can anyone link me to the video of that?


New Guard call-in: “Need someone to come down here, can’t leave my post. Send Ramone… Crispy doughnut-licking sack of shit.”