Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


not new, but always hilarious.


New for me at least.
I’ve never heard that one.


This also happens to Roberto’s phone. I uploaded the vid before.


it’s crazy isn’t it? still hearing new dialogue after 20 months


Me neither and after 142 hours of playtime i still discover new things.

Indeed it is! What i now find even more crazy is that after around one and a half play through of HITMAN, i still have more hours in the game then Witcher 3 + both expansions (107 hours). To me this is a real testimony to how much play time there actually exists in this game. This is far from the game i played most.


I just realised something about The Vector (spoiler)

During Paine’s route, he will talk to the infected targets. That’s mean when he from the starting point goes to the shooting range and stands near the oil barrel. If one of the infected targets is in the shooting range, he will go talk to Paine, giving an easy double fire kill.


Door bells can be shot


I’d like to announce my new invention, The Portable Missile


Reported for hax! 2020


look at the youtube id :stuck_out_tongue:


I wish I didn’t find out, but the Striker doesn’t register as a kill method. Nor does the Sieger 300 Ghost. I was planning on making an escalation with the Striker, but nope, I’m just going to have to live with “Pistol”.

@Travis_IOI pls pls pls


I thought about this too, but you still have to get the sample


we could theoretically fix that if we manage to find a way to trigger the teleportation bug.


Loud guns such as The Striker will definitely get rekt by the wiped silent bullets impact in some contracts. It’s not a good idea to have loud guns-specific contracts right now unless IO patch it out.


What I find really odd and evil is that when a contract has a “Pistol” kill, I can’t do an “elimination” kill. I like getting up close and personal, and that raises the challenge of people seeing me rather than not with a long-range headshot.
Some things are just too specific, and should allow for harder flexibility (allow an “optional” setting). Elimination > Pistol Headshot. Melee Kill > Thrown Weapon.


In the Patient Zero mission “The Author” if you look inside the open book on the table (The one with the pen to kill Craig) it says

I hope this doesn’t end up on Ebay

I had a good laugh with that one


You can do the poison opportunity on Francesca without actually wasting your poison at all

Sadly, while it counts as poison for Silent Assassin purposes(body won’t be found), it counts as “Any Method” for contracts mode, which prevented me from doing an amazing puzzle around it :frowning:
credit to @Notex for the discovery

Before you ask, this is a Francesca exclusive thing, doesn’t work on anyone else. You can get other people to pick up items that are placed in the same spot as a drink, but it won’t poison them.

A syringe also works.


Lol Francesca…

Should’ve gone to Specsavers.


The fact a syringe works is hilarious, just imaging someone picking up what they think is a drink and accidently stabbing themself in the face with a poisoned needle.


These new animations I just found out are real cool! One of them was already seen in the GOTY trailer tho. :wink: