Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


Kek, I totally lost it. It would be brilliant if that would count as poisoning in contracts mode, I could see those contracts where you had to kill both Franny and Caruso with consumed poison.


I loved the gun toss! That’s really cute XD
Looking over his shoulder making sure no one is watching! Thanks for sharing!!


Did you try to complete The controller (Sarajevo Six) with ninja outfit? I tried but when the target saw me escaped and called guards like he didn’t know who I was


The are shooting stars in bangkok at night :slight_smile:


I’m not sure if it’s something new, but I just found out about it.
“How to break any apartment NPC (on Sapienza)”

Step 1: Ring the bell

Step 2: Wait for the NPC to open the door

Step 3: Close the door behind the NPC, so he stands in front of his apartment/ door.

Step 4: Ring the bell again, or as often as you want, at least once

Step 5: The NPC will stand still and won’t move anymore, as long as you don’t touch him/ do anything suspicious in front of him.

Example picture following tomorrow

I’m not sure if Step: 3 is required, or if this works on any apartment NPC on sapienza but it should. It’s a bit creepy, especially on The Author, when everything is dark.


This isn’t particularly useful (well there might be a slight advantage on contracts where you absolutely have to poison your targets to get them alone, and you get the RNG for the fastest punch) but i’ve noticed that punching people who were poisoned with emetic poison (they have to be doing their “i’m sick” stuff, otherwise won’t work) results in them not spotting you. Civilians knocked out with this method won’t even have the “unconscious witness” notice appear at all. It will also work on guards. On guards, you do get “unconscious witness” but it still doesn’t count as spotted.

Here is a video with me knocking out one civilian with a punch and one guard with a punch, achieving Silent Assassin on both.
I honestly think this is old news but haven’t managed to find anyone mentioning it while searching.


When poisoning Dr. Lafayette’s drink to get his disguise, he went the back way this time and used the other bathroom. Noticed this after the update.


Whatever this guy’s having, I’ll take 2 :joy:


I got it from @Urben so you’ll need 4. :crazy_face:


I didn’t say twice, learn maths


Didn’t say you did. :roll_eyes:


Some neat things I discovered during a run:

  • Sister Yulduz Early Phone Call
  • Guard Drops Illegal Weapon


After finding a body or weapon, Silvio’s bodyguards may move to guard the garden (think of the Good Son opportunity).


Maybe it’s not that new to you guys but I just found out that the water jugs in Jordan’s penthouse in Club 27,when shot,do lose water!And I mean that you can actually see the water level inside of it get lower and lower until it’s empty! Cool little detail.


Can that water be used as an electrocution spot via the big one? Have you tried?


They everytime do, but did not notice the level lowers. Nice!

I am not sure, but I fear not. But these rain barrels in Colorado might do that. Only noticed that during the P0 mission, not sure if this is special there.


Haven’t yet but it does leave a puddle! I think it could be used for one of @Urben 's clever puzzle contracts eheh


Oh they don’t?That’s too bad…could’ve done some cool stuff with that


Nope, i already tried this months ago :frowning:


47 has a unique idle stance when wearing the cowboy suit.