Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


I get very confused on how the field of vision for NPCs gets at times. Some are excessively wide and others are like this:

You can climb the window next to the faucet and he doesn’t notices,wich is weird because the gardener outside can see through the plants he tends and will notice you if he is there.


I don’t know what’s wrong with those NPCs, (maybe his viewcone is narrow, because it’s blocked by his phone?) but I do know what’s wrong with many of them.
Part of what’s wrong with the viewcones is how no matter what angle they see you, the suspicion bar rises at the same interval. Not only that, if you perform something illegal while on the edge of the viewcone, they still spot whatever you did with extreme clarity.
The big problem with it is their lock-on feature. All guards pay no attention to NPCs, while paying all of their attention to 47. If you aren’t in direct eyesight of them, they do their usual head-turning pattern. The moment you enter their field of view, their head fixates on 47, no matter what he’s doing. What makes it worse is how even after you exit their field of view, it takes a second or two for the “lock-on” to deactivate. It’s what makes quick kills through a room hard, because you always need to wait a second or two after you round a corner or close a door, for them to stop “looking” at you.

It’s probably a programing nightmare to coordinate the position of 47 relative to the NPC, and of any solid objects in between, as well as the action being performed and how much is visible (currently all of it: no matter if someone sees 47’s head or butt while dragging a body – but does not see the body – they still “see” the body being dragged. It can’t be easy to create the “realistic scenario” it should be.


Sometimes I’m playing a videogame looking in an angle that contemplates the front door of my apartment but I am so into them that I often miss people coming in or getting out of it. Seems realistic. Of course, you want consistency in a game… I’d just like more realistic consistency of course.


Some are just completely broken.

Go towards the security guard that sleeps in the chair. When he is standing up and in his “post” position, pull your pistol out and point it directly at his face. He will do nothing. The moment he wants to move out of his standing position and go to his chair, he spots you with a weapon in your hand. lol


That’s not confusing at all, that dude is using his phone. When NPCs use phones their view cones are much smaller. This is a good detail imo.


Some use their phone or tablet and their fields are vision doesn’t seem to reduce. Also, you can notice in the first pic with the guy looking directly to my position and not reacting.


in my experience it always reduce either the cone of vision or the speed at which they detect me. It’s a neat thing on the Sapienza kitchen assistant that is outside, since it allows you for very easily sneak by him when he’s using the phone.


Maybe works with some NPCs and not with others. There are many inconsistencies in AI behaviour and some design choices. Bangkok is noticeable in both, specially with how most of the bushes and plants around don’t act as a barrier to cover your actions, while others actually serve that purpose.


this is more with freedom fighters and not hitman
In freedom fighters, some levels have the exact same door model in hitman 2


Any PS4 users? Could you tell me if they changed Sarajevo Six target paths or something. I played the Paris mission yesterday and was surpirised to that Scott Sarno continues to move After going to the basement. Usually he just stayed in that one location for the rest of the play through.


47 has the ability to wield a shotgun with one hand, with his wrist turned none the less.


Turns out that NPCs are now completely blind when poisoned with emetic poison. I’m guessing this is to prevent shitty headturning issues when people are vomiting, but it would be nice if they fixed the broken headturning instead of making people blind lol.

mind you that they will still notice crimes and whatever. They just won’t be able to detect you having a gun or other illegal items


This was changed about a year ago. But ya, it’s good they fixed that. But the others seemed unchanged.


Is Euler’s “crazy vision” fixed yet?


I was replying to Steve, not Bernardo, about the Sarajevo Six Contract. I think you got confused on the reply order, bud. :grin:


I totally did! :joy::ok_hand:
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there’s no crazy vision anymore, like i said, they fixed it by making emeticed people blind



Now we can finally do bodyshots from the back or the sides of a target and it won’t count as being spotted. Now the SMGs and Rifles have more use.


Probably late, but Diana has a tooooooon of new dialogue lines in Guided Training. Probably added around disc release.


Why can I still see this dude? Did you forget who you are or what? :wink: