Things About Hitman You Just Found Out

It’s not consistent but Kalmer-ing the guard sitting by Akka’s office can cause him to fall into the barbed wire, sedated but alive. When he is woken up, he dies.


This can also strangely happen when tranqing the janitor at the janitor start in New York, while he is mopping up the puddle (although they might have fixed it, as I haven’t seen it happen for a while). Falling far enough out of bounds that they can’t walk directly back but close enough that someone can wake them up seems to do that :thinking:


You can go to Architects’ Lounge disguised as Chef.


On Hokkaido, tampering with the sauna causes this guy to sit in a chair where another patient usually sits. The resort staff member who usually is there with that patient goes to the side room as a result.


Just found out that someone who worked on the 2016 game shared these out of bounds pictures of some of the levels. Like, I’ve seen similar screenshots taken by fans, but these are well-lit and official. There’s so much detail to appreciate here. Maybe this belongs more in the concept art thread, but it’s not exactly concept art:



Colorado never looked so good!


Hitman Absolution
Mission: Hunter and Hunted (Derelict Building part) - Normal difficulty

During a playthrough, I’ve found that 47 can easily obtain the evidence suit only. 47 needs to throw the girl’s body above the railing, alerting nearby guards. After waiting seconds, the guards will move, leaving the evidence alone.
From the railing, it’s possible for 47 to climb down, just by the evidence.

Didn’t know that and I’m still happy to find new things in Hitman games after several years.

Wanted to find a video to illustrate the way, and found this one on Youtube: (timecode: 2:20)


I regularly snipe outside the map in Paris and I’m often surprised with the level of detail. I wish those streets were playable :x


They originally were :pensive:


Marrakesh school alphabet on France language


Fun fact: This is the longest gap between released IO Interactive games since the company started. We’ve just surpassed the three years, four months gap between Absolution and HITMAN 2016.

(Seriously, IO, I think we’re due Hitman 9 now, right? :upside_down_face:)


They still have the James Bond game in the works, not to mention that, ugh, online RPG game :face_vomiting:


There was five years between Blood Money and Absolution, right?


Yeah, but I meant IO releases as a whole, as Mini Ninjas and Kane & Lynch were out between Blood Money and Absolution.

The longest gap between Hitman releases will be surpassed in mid-2027. Oof!


Oh right, IO did make some other games too :sweat_smile:

Too bad they all suck


Mini Ninjas is a charming little inoffensive adventure game. The K&L games on the other hand offended me in every way possible. I’d add Absolution in the same pot but only when it comes to the idiotic plot and characters, I can overlook the gameplay changes from traditional Hitman games.


Hitman Absolution
Mission: Rosewood (Rosewood Orphanage)

The location of the four fuses changes a little bit between Normal and Hard difficulty. They are found in the same room, but closer to enemies.

EDIT: Adding more precisions to locations
1st fuse:
Normal: (2F) On a desk (with a microscope)
Hard: (2F) On a small cabinet (by the door)

2nd fuse:
Normal: (1F) In a cupboard (downstairs - with no Wade’s henchmen)
Hard: (1F) On the reception desk (by the evidence - in a room filled with Wade’s henchmen)

3rd fuse:
Normal: (1F) In the computer room, on a desk (away from henchmen)
Hard: (1F) In the computer room, on a shelf (close to henchmen’s route)

4th fuse:
Normal: (1F) In the supervisor space, on a small desk (where one henchman is roaming)
Hard: (1F) In the playroom, on a cupboard by the ball pits (where two henchmen are present)

On Hitmaps, it is the Normal location of the fuses that is shown.


Yesterday i knocked out a security guy in paris and i picked up and immediately dropped his gun for the ammo. When he came back on his feet a civilian told him about the gun still on the ground and he then went and picked up the gun and put it back in his pocket instead of bringing it to a crate.


Hitman Absolution

I tried to figure out how the scoring system works:

  • Silent Assassin bonus________ + 47,000 (only awarded if not spotted + no non-target kill)
  • Target kill__________________ + 10,000 (only on missions with target obviously)
  • Spotted___________________ - 1,000
  • Civilian casualty____________ - 2,500 (kill civilian NPC)
  • Non-target casualty__________ - 250 (kill enemies and civilian NPC)
  • Pacification________________ - 100 (when NPC is subdued or KO with syringe)
  • Objective complete__________ + 5,000
  • Evidence removed__________ + 1,000 (only on missions where evidence is present)
  • Body hidden________________ + 100
  • Headshot__________________ + 150
  • Silent kill___________________ + 150 (kill not seen with silenced pistol/fiber wire/syringe)
  • Signature kill________________ + 5,000 (kill a target with an accident kill or with fiber wire)

This is the basic scale. Difficulty and completed challenges improve the score.

Easy +0% (no bonus); Normal +25%; Hard +50%; Expert +100%; Purist +150%

On a mission, each competed challenge grants a +5% bonus.
It ranges from +50% (Welcome to Hope) to +130% (Blackwater Park)

Higher is the score, better is the rating. The rating are distributed as follows:
(Worst to best) Agent - Veteran - Specialist - Professional - Shadow - Silent Assassin

The last rating (SA) can only be achieved on maps where targets are present obviously.
Each checkpoint will get a different rating depending on the presence of targets or evidence.
(more details here: Hitman: Absolution - Guides -


Diana is technically the only known Caucasian ICA handler (out of the five ICA handlers we ever know, Robyn Gore and Dolores Powell are non-white and Clea and Jiao are never physically seen, though Jiao is clearly of Asian descent from her surname and VA).