Things About Hitman You Love

Inspired by “Things About Hitman You Just Found Out” (Things About Hitman You Just Found Out), lets be this a place where you can talk about all the things you love about Hitman. From the gameplay, to story parts, stuff that made you laugh or special things from IOI, the humor, whatever it might be you love about this franchise, talk about it here!

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Let me start with this: I love alot about Hitman. Its special sense of humor, the slighty catholic touch that made, especially Hitman 2 Silent Assassin, really special, that Ave Maria is basically Agent 47s superhero soundtrack at this point, the silly rubber ducks everywhere, and how funny, cruel, or just serial killer like we can kill our targets. I just killed her husband, and made her witness, and the game even awarded me with silent assassin for it and a ragdoll-dab:

How couldnt you love a game so dead serious, yet silly, and sometimes funny?


I’m glad you actually made this thread! I was thinking about it some days ago and wanted to see if someone had already made one of these already.

The thing I love about Hitman is the fact that 47 just takes bullets with no faltering on his part. Honestly, I think it’s a very nice detail about how calm he is in dire situations and also that it’s a nice way just to kill people out of frustration. For example, you try to lure a target and there’s just this NPC that ruins everything in existence and you just take out a gun in front of guards and shoot the NPC down while the guards are shooting at you, and there’s no interruption unless you gotta reload or until 47 dies. It’s nice that you can do that in this game, in my opinion. And of course, you can just bluntly punch people in the face with that hilarious sound effect and those interrupted exclaims is just icing on the cake. :ok_hand:


Gonna be that guy and say I love the graphics. There’s a ton I adore about the game like the gameplay, stealth, kills, voice acting, dialogue, etc. etc.
But Hitman know how to nail the look and feel of every location, some standouts being Hokkaido Mumbai Sgail and New York


Agree and not to mention the rest of the games!


One thing I love is how there is a very real, consistent, alternate universe. The way the exact same type of blueberry muffin reappears; how in Miami you can see the KAI technology encountered in Hokkaido being shown to the public; and how the NPCs we meet reappear, sometimes very subtly, in later levels. And some of these NPCs have their own stories, and are not in cahoots at all with the main villains of the piece.

The game isn’t just a flat, assassin simulator in which some, most, or all NPCs are evil targets or just disruptive background figures. The world is too fleshed-out and continuous for that.


Thank you! I really hope to see what people like about the game, where are the differences, where are the similarities!

Thats one of the major things I love about these games aswell. Their worldbuilding is amazing, and I cant wait to see what worlds they give us with the next game, how everything fits together, and what comes next!


I would agree with all of these things, but lately I’ve come to love that this might be the only game I’ve played where even when I’m failing spectacularly (and repeatedly), I’m still having an amazing time.

Even when things devolve into a massive bloodbath and I know I’m just going to have to restart for the tenth time, I don’t think I’ve ever rage-quit this game. Though I have rage-cleaver-rampaged-through-the-hotel plenty of times. And had a good time doing it every single time.

In fact, now when I’m playing another game (like Dishonored a couple of months ago) and I can’t get the hang of a section and I’m restarting over and over, it just makes makes me want to shut that game off and play Hitman. At least then I’ll enjoy my failure.

And that’s not to even mention that eleventh time: when everything suddenly goes right.


I definitely agree!! I’ve actually picked up Dishonored myself recently. I like it, but I just can’t restart a level without take a break in-between even though I play one minute into a level. While I do that for Hitman as well, it’s more out for… excited-pondering(idk how to describe it lol) what I should try the next time when I pick up the controller. Maybe because Hitman has this humor shrouding it that makes it stand out?

Maybe there’s also something more charismatic to some about a game revolving around blending in and making plans with a lot of witnesses around than having to avoid everybody or everything you come across like Dishonored or The Last of Us.

If there’s one thing I absolutely love about the Hitman series is the ambience and the level design.


Whether it’s the Hong Kong missions in Contracts, or The White House in Blood Money, they have managed to create a level of uncertainty even after replaying the missions over and over again. It’s the fiftieth time you beat Shogun Showdown, but the level makes you feel uneasy and like something’s gonna go wrong.

But I feel like they’ve made a hit with Hokkaido’s GAMA hospital, giving a very prohibitive and sinister look underground while it’s more open and welcoming above. Unforgettable.


I love the satisfaction of beating the game’s gating. Especially when you’re new to a level and have to figure it all out for yourself.

Game: “you can’t come here”
Me: “Oh yeah, watch me.”


i love the how every Game feels familiar but has a huge change of atmosphere. I also love to read through the Briefings and watch the additional Footage of the Targets especially in Codename 47 and SA, you really feel like a Professional.

oh and I love killing, just in general.

Dont call the Cops, its just a joke

I love that this is one of the only games where you’re not hiding from enemies all the time and being constantly paranoid someone’s going to see you. If you’re in a disguise, you can just mingle and that removes a lot of the stress of sneaking.


There are loads of things I love about HITMAN and HITMAN 2 (which are easily the best games in the franchise, by miles and miles and miles), but my very favourite thing in Hitman is the feeling you get when you have killed your targets without being spotted and you’ve returned back to a public area on your way to the exit. Taking a long, slow stroll out of the level and walking bold as brass in front of a load of unsuspecting NPCs who have no idea about your nefarious deeds, and then casually departing at an exit point is just the best feeling in gaming for me. Nothing quite like it exists in any other franchise.


I love that you can put the fire extinguishers back in their slot after using them.


What I love about Hitman is that almost every idea a player has (“I wonder if this will work…”) does actually work. The craziest, strangest combinations of items and mechanics work together and give you a satisfying result.

Don’t quite get what I’m talking about? Here are 2 Sapienza examples:

  1. Chef Marcelo reacts to the radio being switched off. After we got S2 Legacy Pack, I started to wonder if it’s possible to use an EMP charge to switch the radio from the distance. It was possible. Then I thought - how can I use this for my advantage? Maybe I can lure him in the pantry room and sniper from far away? But door needs to be open… So I can use a breaching charge! But then I won’t be able to lure Chef Marcelo because I need a phone to lure him! How else can I open the door? I CAN USE MY SNIPER TO SHOOT THE DOOR OPEN! By the end of all this experimenting, I had a perfect consistent method to stealthily snipe Chef Marcelo from the other side of the map - Church Tower or any balcony just by pressing a few detonators - EMP and Phone.

  2. During one of my random playthroughs, I found out that female scientist who goes to the church and the morgue reacts to the morgue sink before anybody else. It was a dormant knowledge for about a year until we got a featured contract that had her as a target along with the other NPCs (golf coach and the like). In this contract, I developed a method that allowed me to electrocute that female scientist with a click of the detonator from the other side of the map without changing her routine whatsoever! I was so joyous, you can’t imagine!

Why did I do all that? Just because I thought I could! And I did! And that’s what Hitman is about! Having tools and having fun utilizing them even if there could be simpler ways!


The community.


I first got that feeling from Curtains Down in Blood Money. The music is bumping, 47 is strolling away as police are running passed him to get to the crime scene, and because it’s on the hardest difficulty, you know if you’re spotted before you get to the exit, you won’t survive the gunfight.


I didnt realised how great this is before you said it. Its obviously one of the biggest mechanics in the game, and devides it with competition like Metal Gear or Splinter Cell. There, we are always on the sneak, always trying to hide. In HITMAN, with the right disguise, we can basically walk around everywhere. But still, we cant just kill the targets, we just get slighty safer to them. And for everyone who wants the challenge; SA SO, just like every other sneaking game. But with way more interesting gadgets.

Hitman Blood Money was the first game I’ve played and it is also my favorite. I love how there’s so many things to do and discover in the game. I have played it over and over so many times. I started to see the fun Easter eggs in blood money and and now seeing so many fun things in Hitman season 1 and 2. I love the most how the game is so serious but at the same time all of these Easter eggs in there are just fun and goofy.

I love how the difficulty is completely up to the player.
Choices such as SA/SO, restricted loadouts, type of assassination, HUD, and assistance from the game itself are entirely up to the player.

I have never played any other game that allows me such a customizable experience.

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