Things I've learned about myself playing Blood Money

Namely… I suck at Hitman, apparently.

So I finally got around to Blood Money, after hearing so much about how it’s the best in the series. I got into the series late at Hitman 2016 (though I have played Absolution and Silent Assassin since then), and that (along with Hitman 2), are my faves.

I thought I was relatively decent at Hitman. I’ve 100% completed both of the newer games on pro difficulty, all challenges and so forth. I’m not great, but I thought I was competent.

Wow, has Blood Money proven me wrong!

It took me about 12 tries just to complete the tutorial on the easiest difficulty, and I’m completely stuck in the Opera House. It’s hilarious how awful I am at this game. I’ve been spoiled with things like knowing when I’m entering a trespassing area and things like that. I’m going to keep at it, I have a feeling that when I get used to the controls then I’ll enjoy myself, but good gracious it’s hard!


Play the original three games then we can talk. :slight_smile:


Ironically, Hitman fans compained about Blood Money being “too easy” when it first came out :sweat_smile: I’d disagree with that, but it is fairly forgiving compared to the previous games, wait till you try Codename 47 - it took me at least 50 tries until I finally beat the last Hong Kong mission… with console cheats :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve had a very similar experience. The game was so difficult and I felt unfair and clunky that I couldn’t enjoy it at all

I think Silent Assassin is the most difficult Hitman Game, Codename 47 and Contracts are fine, Blood Money is easy peasy lemon squeezy tho.

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Now this took a lot out of you to say, but at least you speak the truth.



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When it came out I played it and it was easy; a year ago when I went back to play it after spending all my time in 2016 it was not easy at all; it’s because you’ve gone from having certain systems and features to having almost none of them, and then chuck on top of that how clunky the controls are compared to new games’ ‘fluid’ movement from sneaking behind someone to getting them in a container so smoothly and easily (Plus how fast of a dragger 47 is in the new games, they should really make him slower in hard mode)

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Silent Assassin was my first Hitman game, Contracts second, Codename 47 third and Blood Money fourth and I always felt that BM was the easiest since I played the older ones before it and I could see the improvements IOI made along the years.

While I put Silent Assassin very high on my list, I still consider it the most difficult out of the old the Hitman games, with BM being the easiest. It’s because of how the detection meter worked in Silent Assassin, it was extremely easy to blow your cover and the structure of most of the missions didn’t help either, having to infiltrate bases and such, you never knew what could get you detected.
Looked at someone funny? Detected! Having a certain weapon equipped? Detected! Having a certain weapon holstered (in your left hand)? Detected! Too close to a guard? Detected! Too far from a guard? Yame!
Contracts solved many of these problems.

BM didn’t have any of this stuff and I’m thankful. It was so easy to pick up and play and the missions were, not sure what the right word would be, closer to home, I guess. No more infiltrating secret military bases but instead having decent sized, sandbox levels filled with civilians and guard in which you could blend-in in order to get to the target. Simply take your time, wonder around the levels, figure out what disguise you need in order to enter a certain area. Make use of human shields and ability to push people down the stairs or into walls to knock 'em out and for new players, it’s best if you buy some intel before the start of a level, put that cough blood money cough to good use. Since you said you’re on Curtains Down, here are a few helpful tips:

  • talk is cheap and as the briefing mentioned, you have something nice at the reception desk
  • as you learned in the tutorial, you can make big things fall on top of people’s head, all thanks to your explosive little friend
  • Delahunt never leaves his observation box and neither does his guards, unless something awful happens before his eyes

As for the tutorial mission in BM, don’t sweat yourself, I think it’s poorly designed and does not represent how the rest of the missions are at all. Only good thing about that is the target himself and his backstory, which makes him the least evil target in all the Hitman games.

As for why I don’t consider Codename 47 the hardest? Dunno, with practice you can complete even the hardest missions with very little bloodshed and not take any damage. Looking at you Plutonium Runs Loose. No rating system also means take out any enemy that stands in your way, again, with practice you can leave everyone alive and kill only those that the game forces you to do so. Another big thing related to Codename 47, once you figure out that enemies can “hear” 47 when he pulls something out of his pocket, you’ll learn to always crouch if, let’s say, want to pull the fiber wire to strangle a guard. Pulling something out of the pocket while crouched makes it silent. Gets rid of many “why did he detect me?” moments, no kidding.


Going from HITMAN 2016 to classics like Blood Money can indeed be kind of disturbing, as it is somehow a completely different experience, gameplay and command-wise.

However decades later it still remains one of the bests, and i’m sure that after some time of adaptation you will enjoy the game :+1:

That being said, if you think Blood Money is hard, go try Hitman 2: Silent Assassin which is way harder to achieve in my opinion :sweat_smile:

Have fun dude!

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Bm is harder in some aspects, but more forgiving in others

To me Absolution is harder because of the shitty disguise system. But Blood Money is difficult the first time you’re playing it, because the maps are relatively large and learning the map and getting SA can take a lot of time and trial and error.

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I’d argue despite the lack of a rating system, killing people in Codename 47 (at least the mission you described) is much more of an inconvenience than in Silent Assassin. Unlike the latter, where the guards just stare forever at a dead body, the ones in Plutonium Runs Loose immediately sprint towards Boris to alert him, at which point you’re just fucked. There’s also no save system, so if that happens, all you can do is restart the level. And you pretty much have to kill at least 5 - 10 people in that mission (well, unless you’d rather get shot at), whichever route you take. That’s why I think C47 is much harder than the second game, though missions like Hidden Valley come close.

That said, most youtube walkthroughs I’ve seen of the original game only show the most obvious solutions to each level, which are often the hardest to pull off. For example, there’s no need to bother with the car bomb in Plutonium Runs Loose - it’s much easier to just take Boris out in his private room (hint: it’s the one you’re not allowed in). Or poisoning Lee Hong’s food, which is not at all necessary to beat that mission and causes more problems than it solves. So there are ways of making the game much easier than it seems, as long as you’re willing to get creative.


i always go for the Bomb and its works fine for me, i plant the bomb and head to the Engine Room, after killing the ‘hidden’ Mechanic. than i kill the other 3 Mechanics and disarm the Nuke, while Boris is on the run.

I used to dislike PRL but it has grown on me in the last few years, so much that it is one of my favorite Codename 47 Missions.

and miss out on the great Cutscene that is triggered by serving Lee Hong? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Using the car bomb is a viable approach, but it’s definitely not the easiest or shortest way to kill him. And my feelings about that mission are somewhat mixed, the first part of the mission is painfully boring (seriously, you have to do the gate “puzzle” three times in a row?) but the climax (Boris’ ship) is one of the most memorable and tense moments in the series.

Ah yes, how could I forget the amazing cutscene where you find out 47 has gravity-defying superpowers :sweat_smile:


My Route only require to it once - all other Gates can be skipped, or ‘cleared up’. i weasel my way to the Truck, get the Bomb and the WA2000, kill about 6 Guards with it and then only rely on the Oyabunknife to clear the area around the car, plant the bomb and than enter the Ship. Its not the fastest way of doing it, but thats my favorite Route - and the most reliable imo.