Things That Make You Sad 😥


No Way brother, those bodies were twisted and in pieces all over the street.


Damn dude… That’s crazy.

A few years ago, I didn’t actually see it myself, but a few miles from my house, a lady got hit by a car on a highway and she got freaking decapitated! :frowning:

Like I said, I didn’t actually see it, I saw it in the newspaper. However, it did happen on a highway I use everyday on my way to work and I could still see some blood stains the next day. Shit was F***** up man…


Lancer patch. Movie/Game characters dying. Lancer patch. Legshots patch. Lancer patch. Frontal throw patch…


Oh man, that’s terrible! Hopefully not too many kids saw that.
I remember several years back I was working as a game tester for SEGA, and one of my coworkers was a young father. He came in to work all shook up and upset, saying that there were dead kids on the freeway. As it turned out, a man jumped off an overpass onto Highway 101 and got torn up. I must have passed the area right before it happened.


Holy shit, man. That’s awful…
Crazy and sad world we live sometimes.

On a upside, I didn’t know you were a game tester, that’s cool!


Believe it or not, my behaviour over the past months. I’ve changed. But it bothers me that I actually did that. People are still people. And that’s what’s important.


What makes me sad is that garbage like 50 Shades Shittier gets all the attention and money, while hidden gems stay… well, hidden.


Aw man that fucking sucks :frowning: really sorry to hear that Kyle


Just a FYI, that is no longer his account. His new one is @TheOneWhoKnocks


You brought me to tears.


Well, it is the sad thread…


If it makes you feel any better, my wife is taller than I am. She’s just at the 6 foot mark and I’m 5’ 9", which means that I have to tilt my head up ever so slightly just to kiss her. And when we hug, she has to lean her head down on my shoulder in what must be an uncomfortable manner.

When we first met I thought, “fuck there’s no way this chick is going to want anything to do with me from the waist down” and we sat and talked over coffee. The second time we met we did the same thing. Then we went for a walk. She showed me how to slack line. If you don’t know what that is, it’s when you tie a flat rope from one tree to another and tighten it and try to walk along the rope like a tightrope walker. It’s hard as shit and terribly tricky to master. Obviously taller people excel at that with their center for gravity being higher up. I tried it and immediately fell flat on my chest, knocking the breath out of my lungs.

I thought “if she did want anything to do with me before, I have surely extinguished all hope”. Turns out she was thinking “omg this guy is never gonna talk to me again”. That same day I fell in love, as did she. And here we are today.

My point is don’t give up hope. Shit, don’t even think about it. A woman you deserve will recognize you for who you are and she’ll love you and your slightly below average height. Keep being yourself and you won’t ever have to worry.




Awesome reply @Mr.46! You had me cracking up right here o[quote=“Mr.46, post:321, topic:11829”]
“fuck there’s no way this chick is going to want anything to do with me from the waist down”

As a short guy myself, I was cheering by the end of your post. It reminded me of this time years ago I met this one lady at a karaoke. We were both in undesirable relationships at the time. This girl was really tall and was supposedly dating a pro football player from the San Francisco 49ers. For some reason we started talking about our bad relationships and by the end of the conversation, she wanted to be fack buddies. Being 5’4", young and naive, I told her I couldn’t imagine why a woman about a foot taller than me would want anything to do with me. She simply replied “It doesn’t matter how big it is if you can’t get it up.” Supposedly the guy was spending too much time doing drugs. I take it his drug of choice wasn’t a blue pill.
Even though I never took her up on the proposition, I kept her number for a rainy day until the next dysfunctional relationship came along and found her phone number stashed in my sock drawer.
Moral of the story is it doesn’t really matter how tall, big or small you are… if someone wants you, they’ll try to getcha!


I’m glad you enjoyed it :slight_smile:

I’ve never been insecure about my height, which I believe falls right in the average category, but I consider myself to be very self-aware so I was usually pretty good at guessing when a girl was into me or not and why. But as cheesy as it sounds, as soon as I found the girl I wanted to be with my entire first week was spent trying to do mental math to figure out why she actually liked me lol - relationships are definitely one of the more hilariously complex aspects to human life


I was a whole foot taller than my last partner. That’s always going to be the case though because i’m a lanky streak of piss.


You where shorter than I expected to be honest.


My life.


It’s but a mere moment in your lifetime even though it feels like forever right now. You’ve got 60-70 years ahead of you. 5 years from now you’ll look back and acknowledge that it indeed was hell but that it’s over. It will also shape you in a positive way, knowing that you’ve survived and managed to make it thru such a challenging period. Not to mention if you ever have children down the road, the insight you’ll have to raise them well.

Stay strong. It’s but a mere moment in your lifetime.