Things That Make You Sad 😥


I may have saved a lot of money. But the regret I still feel at not having experienced the first 15 or so ET’s and not having enjoyed this game for longer cannot be measured with money. :frowning:


I bought the full experience at full price after 8 ETs were done. It’s a different story if a game is fully done and released, and a discount is offered after a year or so. Then, the “noise”, if you will, would’ve fairly died down around it. People who’d bought the game for full price wouldn’t mind too much.

Here, the complete game (all episodes) was available only a few months back, and at a discount of 75% or so at that point, early buyers feel a bit let down.


The concept of Elusive Targets (one-time major missions/events) means that ironically everyone who bought it later were shortchanging themselves by a factor of “one lost mission per week up to one lost mission per month”.

If you bought it today for example, with ET 24 expired and only 2 more left, you were basically short by 24 missions and with a vast number of unlockables becoming impossible to attain.


Due to my lack of empathy, no human troubles ever really bother me, but animal cruelty is the one place wherein I draw the line. It’s one of the only things that I will ever tear up over.


Just finished Dexter. I’m so sad, seriously, that was intense. But I think that the topic Things That Make You Sad is for real problems or sad situations. I just wanted to tell someone about the impact that movies or TV shows can have on you.
I never had this before, not so intensive.


When I watch old footage of Michael Jackson. I’m sad. :cry:


shap of you. let me down.


I think we have a winner lol


This post makes it even better.


…And that was before he became President.


Hate to be “that guy” and necro a thread after 2 months but I’m really sad. My Kindle is my primary source for accessing HMF and the internet in general. But due to a recent YouTube update, my Kindle cannot play YT videos posted in here (or any secondary source). WTF?

PLUS…an apparent Kindle update has now made emojis non-functional on HMF. (sad face, crying face x 10)

PLUS, PLUS an update today now eliminated the ability to see dowload status and estimated time remaining. So when I go to download anything, I have no clue if it’s gonna take a minute or an hour…or even if it’s downloading AT ALL. Totally REDONK!


Gotta upgrade. It’s BS but I have an old IPad about 5 Years old and it is not supported so I basically can’t do much with it. I mainly use my phone when on the forum.

That’s the bad thing about technology it’s obsolete when it’s released pretty much these days.


Yeah, I really didn’t want to since I just unexpectedly had to sink a stack of cash into buying a new truck but I’m not sure I’ll tolerate these losses. Eh (another sad face)

What also makes me sad is when you’re trying to respond to @Chef-assassin and your battery dies and have to wait 15 minutes for enough juice to finish the post. (Stuck out tongue-winking eye) LOL


Your a mess @FantumX I’ll join the club so your not left out Laugh out loud, stick out tongue both eyes closed lmao :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I know, right? All these damn millenials and their dadgum interweb hooey nonsense. Its a FAD! Get over it. Break out a pencil and paper and write a freakin letter to grandma for once. Dangblasted, no good, horsepucky is what the cyber web net thingy-ma-bob is.


OJ being let out of prison.


Just for the record, this forum appreciate the use of old threads rather than making a new one, it helps keeping the forum tidy you know :smiley:.


What makes me sad is that for the last 10-15 hours of playing time I don’t seem to enjoy Hitman. All the Story missions and challenges were completed so many times that they are barely enjoyable. ETs are over. All escalations are completed. All the featured contracts that were enjoyable are completed. Nothing new to do and no new ideas altogether - I’m getting bored in 20 minutes of playing so I can’t make myself to do kill-everyone runs too.

I guess 420 hours (blaze it, IO) are the final point for me and Season 1. Time to shelve the game and wait for the real new content. Ugh.

Any suggestions, guys? What shoud I play now?

P.S. I’m not complaining, just stating the sadness from the fact that Season 1 seems to be over for me. It was the best game I played in many years and I enjoyed it as no singleplayer game before - thanks, IO, for GOTY 2016, you rock!


Threads like these in a Hitman forum make me sad :disappointed_relieved:


This is where being able to create contract competitions (like Absolution has) with a couple online buds would come in handy. Got more than 2 years of great fun doing that with a tight cirlce of friends. 3 day comp, logging in to see one of them beat me by 10 seconds, then me doing a few runs to top them. The back and forth leader board changes were a blast, constsntly trying to out do each other or finding a new faster approach.

Best of luck with your search for fun.