Things to improve in GHOST MODE

I’ve been playing ghost mode for a bit now, and I think it’s a really great idea. Credit to the creators. Still, I think a couple of things should be optimized, based on my personal experience:

  1. Targets should notice if you are trespassing and react accordingly.
  2. Noticed kills should never give a point (like the syringe right now)
  3. There should be some kind of penalty for being killed. I know, you loose all your items, but so what. Right now, you usually even spawn closer to the new target than the other player, so it can be used to reach the target quicker. It should be rather vice versa, that you get some time penalty by spawing a bit further away.
  4. And finally the most important thing: There should be a penalty for knocking random people out, while they notice it. At the moment, games are often like: Find a non lethal melee weapon, knock out all NPC in the area (e.g. bodyguard), kill the target, and leave a mess behind with several bodys found afterwards. That is hardly the intended way of a silent assassin. I don’t mind subduing a couple of NPC, but it should happen unnoticed. I’m not sure, what kind of penalty there should be… Target lost, if a knock out is noticed seems too much.

Things I would like to see added at some point in the future:

  1. Matchmaking system based on personal score. Depends on how many players are typically available I guess. But right now, it becomes a little boring if only 1 out of 30 games is a challenge due to many new players.
  2. Options for choosing modifiers for the ghost mode: E.g. AO or SO, only kills according to these requirements will count.
  3. Option to add handicap for players: E.g. increase the time required to get a point for an unnoticed kill.

Feel free to add more stuff or share your oppinion.


Nothing more, nothing less. Its currenlty main issue with this mode.

Not really sure what you are referring to, but I take it you agree.

Also another thing, not really sure whether bug or feature. Sometimes a new target appears just to be removed after a couple of seconds without anyone reaching it, which is kind of weird.

i agree with 2 and disagree with the others. and still i would like to test how it would affect the dinamics.

What about treating each target as a scoring round? If I kill the target unnoticed, but very sloppy, and my opponent kills the target within 20 seconds (I think we should stretch it to 30 or 40 seconds), but clean, he gets THE point for that round. Similar performance awards either no points or one point each.

Define sloppy. If it’s unnoticed it’s good. This would just restrict some kills

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I don’t agree with penalty for npc knock out.
Also penalty for 47 getting killed is not advisable.

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Take the Ghost mode-related feats and Challenges out of the Miami section, and put them in a separate section dedicated to the multiplayer. Please consider allocating resources to relist them, which I hope shouldn’t take too many manhours.

My OCD cannot take having to go through all of Ghost mode to bring Miami to 100% completion, and I assume it’s the same for everyone else not interested in facing off against others often enough to complete the Challenges. There is no telling how many people this applies to, but I strongly believe there are enough of us to warrant considering it!


What are your reasons against 1, 3 and 4?

I mean, I can easily live with 1, 2 and 3. But 4 is bugging me. E.g. take the surveilance room with the two guards in where the target can be located. Right now you can run in, smash the first guard in the face, while both guards notice your actions. Before the second guard starts shooting you also knock him out. And finally, before the target runs away, you kill him. It requires more finess to subdue them without notice or lure the target or do whatever. Still, such a gamestyle is not rewarded in any way.

Unless they give up binary scoring system and introduce detailed points score system, the game style of not getting compromised will not work.
In current scenario, if you take away one point from player for being compromised, it’s too harsh.
Introducing detailed scoring system which is present in normal missions, rather than binary system for kill / no kill points, will enhance gameplay.


Maybe they could change the scoring system. You need 15 points to win a match and get 3 points for killing a target unnoticed. This would allow to ad different penalties. Killing a non-target would be 2 or 3 points and getting spotted doing something illegal (like knocking someone out) could be 1 point. So you can still rush into the room and knock-down everybody but you may receive fewer points than the guy who wasn’t spotted. Also it should be possible to receive negative points, right now you get away with killing everyone as long as you have 0 points.

Not sure if dying should give you a penalty. The guards being still suspicious of your current disguise and you losing all your inventory items is enough punishment.


This is what I was about to say but I think there should be a difference between a notice kill and a witnessed kill. You should still get points for a kill that’s noticed.

I agree with both of you @anon80650173 and @Pitman. A coarse binary system leaves little room for “small punishments” and -1 point is too harsh.

The problem with more points (e.g. 15) and different amount of points for different kills is, that it might complicate the whole system and could scare new players away, don’t know. So it should stay simple, with maybe two different kills +1 for noticed, and +2 for unnoticed. This is somehow similar to the standard statistics after a mission. You get rewarded depending on your playstyle, and stealthier is better.

  • Lobby rooms. IMHO, Ghost Mode reminds me of fighting games. it would be great to have a queue of some sort for each game that set up.
  • To continue on the lobby room idea, folks in the lobby room should be able to view and watch game in action. This will also enable newer players to learn the game mode by watching matches.
  • Some sort of penalty for quitting in midmatch (this is obvious)

A site dedicated to tracking player’s statistics.

Matches played
Matches won
Total kills
Total deaths

  • ranking

47 vs 47 mode. Instead of taking out random targets, take out each other.

Generally agree with everything except 4- I get your thinking in proposing that sort of change, but in practice there’s no real good way of implementing what you’re looking to have done. Frankly I was impressed they even came up with a way to implement an “unnoticed” kill mechanic in the first place.

FAR, FAR more important however is the need to implement a concede button of some sort. 60-70% of all matches I play end in the other player disconnecting after falling 2-3 points behind. I completely understand why (the match is functionally over at that point if the player in the lead is even halfway competent) but it would be nice to have the game be able to handle that instead of having the round end in that awkward “poor connection” error.

Ghost Mode Improvements
Timer Stacking
We’ve added a new mechanic that adds 20 seconds to the opponent’s target countdown clock for each consecutive noticed target kill/pacification you perform. For example, 1 noticed kill equals the regular 20 seconds. A consecutive noticed kill will result in an additional 20 seconds being offered to your opponent, up to a maximum of 80 seconds. We’ve made this change to further encourage unnoticed kills/pacifications and to give more room for players to eliminate their target without being pressurised by opponents who consistently perform noticed kills.

Source: HITMAN 2 – Game Update 2.12

Thanks! This seems like a fair compromise, looking forward to it.


Agreed with everythings that was said.
Most important for me:

  • punish people who rage quit. And if you really are winning give the win, I’m trying to do challenges and my counter doesn’t change even if I was in the lead
  • Modifiers for sure ! right now, and I know it is still in beta, if you know exactly how Ghost Mode works, you can just rush the thing. I would really like it to be slower. Having like “Suit only”, “Never compromised”, etc… will help
  • Also at the end of a match having an option to play again with the same opponent or to go to the queue and wait.
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